Mon 17th May: A mass of dogs

With so much going on today everything had to be organised with precision. It didn’t help that I was working on the basis that my appointment with the “ankle doctor” was at 3.45pm, and only realised that I was out by an hour when I was leaving Lamma on my way to AFCD in Pokfulam.  It was actually 2.45pm, meaning that I had only fifteen minutes to sort out the dogs that we were taking out today, before jumping into a taxi to be in Central on time.

I had arranged with volunteers Catherine and Michelle to meet me at 2pm at the AFCD kennels, so after I had checked the dogs and completed the license applications I had to leave them to handle the microchipping and transporting to the SPCA in Wanchai.  I had planned on taking the two matted schnauzers and the pom cross that I had seen on Friday, but there was also a surrendered toy poodle (another one!) with bad skin that needed to be added to the list.

After having established that my ankle problem was a torn ligament and there was nothing that could be done, I met up with everyone again at Wanchai, where three puppies and a doglet from Lamma had been added to the collection.  We looked like squatters with all of the crates, bags and people taking over the waiting room.

Finally it was our turn and first up was Jazzy, the pom/corgi cross.  She is sweet and young, but seems to be one of those dogs that has never been outside in her life before.  Anyway, she’s healthy.

This poor little dog can't even open her eyes

She felt so much better after getting all that matted hair shaved off

The two schnauzers were in a really shocking state, with hair so matted it was like a solid coat of armour all around them.  Even their faces were solid, and one of them couldn’t even open her eyes.  How could someone keep dogs like this and not do anything – except throw them on the street when it got so bad?  The dogs, both girls, are so sweet, loving and happy.  Hard to believe that they can be this way after living their encased in inches of matted hair.  I couldn’t wait to get it all shaved off, and right after their consult that’s just what happened.

The doglet from Lamma was Gypsy, one of a group of seven that were picked up in Stanley a month or so ago.  She is a sweetheart, but she had obvious “wrist” problems from the start, and rather than improve with proper care and time, it’s getting worse.  But not only can’t Gypsy use her front legs, her back legs (or hips) are also clearly not right, meaning that she can’t stand for more than a few seconds, and sits upright most of the time if she’s not lying down.  She’ll have to have X-rays to determine the problem in all four legs, but what will I do if it turns out that she will never be able to walk?  Do I condemn her to a life of being pushed around in a pushchair, or do I let her go?  She is happy, sweet, loving and obviously oblivious to her own condition, but is a lifetime like this fair?  This could be the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

One of the young puppies, Lexus, had a broken leg too, but at least that was fixable and he now has a very smart bright pink dressing.

Several of the dogs stayed behind when we eventually left, as they will be desexed tomorrow.  The two schnauzers were halfway through being shaved, something that was necessary even to be able to find the skin, let alone cut it open.  Jazzy the pom was also booked in for surgery, and Gypsy for her X-rays.  That means we will have to collect them later afternoon on Tuesday, and if anyone can foster any of these little dogs for a while, please let Maria know at

Claire Buckley’s case against Relopet was heard at the Small Claims Court today.  Claire’s dog, Jay, escaped from his crate just as he was about to board the plane on his way to London and was eventually found dead, ironically the day after Claire had finally had to give up her search for her beloved dog. Relopet not only refused to accept any responsibility, but also blamed Claire for wanting to have Jay’s favourite toy put in his crate and wouldn’t refund all of his shipping costs.  Although it won’t bring Jay back, the judge found in favour of Claire and awarded her almost the maximum amount allowed at Small Claims, as well as agreeing that Relopet were negligent.  Now at least Claire can move on with her life, and we all wish her the very best.


5 Responses to “Mon 17th May: A mass of dogs”

  1. cassie Says:

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed for all of these doggies esp our poor little gal Gypsy. Understand that this would be a very difficult decision for you if it turns out that she will never be able to walk. But pls ….. pls don’t let go of her until and unless we have no choices. Miracles may happen. It will happen especially when she knows there is someone, you and the other volunteers, who cares.

    P.S. Truely appreciate for what you have done all these years to save millions of lives.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I have a special place in my heart for schnauzers and seeing those pictures of those two poor little darlings just makes my heart ache! Thank god you rescued them Sally, so they know have a chance to experience life as it should be.

    Also extremely glad that the courts found the case in favour for Claire. At least now she can get closure.

  3. Linda Law Says:

    Good to hear about the result from the Small Claim Tribunal, at least the Adjudicator at the Tribunal gave a fair trial to this case and wish Jay will now be rest in peace. Ms Claire, please don’t give up and wish you all the best.

  4. DL Says:

    That’s really good to hear, about Claire vs Relopet. Even if it is a small victory.. it vindicates Claire! And we should continue to spread by word of mouth Relopet’s gross negligence.

  5. joshua Says:

    Being a addicted schnauzers lover, I just found my tears pouring out when I saw the posted pictures, how can it possible to maintain a furry friends in such nasty way, and even u can tell the poor things looks so thinly from the outlook….
    Apart from those responsible dogs owners, the sickest society still inhabited a heap of unreliable so-called dogs lover, so sad……

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