Sun 16th May: Making good progress

I was hoping that today there was going to be good news about at least one of our missing dogs, Slipper.  She had been sighted three times in the same village in Clearwater Bay so I was optimistic that she would show herself if there was food around, but no, if she is indeed still there she was keeping herself well hidden.  We can only hope that she stays in that area and will eventually be caught.  Puppy Garland is also still missing, and the sad truth is that unless she’s been picked up by someone the chances of her still being alive are pretty slim.  Older dogs like Tulip (lost on Cheung Chau) and Genie (Pokfulam), have the sense and experience to survive, but not a puppy.

It was made even worse by the fact that today at Whiskers’n’Paws I was presented with a beautifully decorated box containing the sum of $10,172.10, an amazing total collected by the Girl Scouts Troop 15 who were regular visitors to our Pokfulam kennels.  They had also helped find a home for a puppy – Garland.  Very sad.

My lucky beer worked its magic rather more sucessfully today than last Sunday.  I left at the end of the afternoon without older puppies Pippin and Doobie, and that now leaves only two from the mother-with-eleven-plus-nine puppies still waiting.  Strangely they are almost indentical brother and sister, Pipsqueak and Otter.  Two foster puppies, Galaxy and Cadbury, also found homes, so along with the lovely donation it turned out to be a pretty good afternoon for me.

I took the two new poodles to Whiskers’n’Paws  hoping that they would find homes even though they aren’t puppies.  They didn’t, but they were very popular with the  “puppy huggers” who found Vinnie an especially convenient size to haul around the terrace.  I have to hand it to these little dogs, they tolerated all of the attention very well, and it was only Vinnie’s obsession with his best friend that made him squirm and wriggle his way out of the kids’ clutches so he could run back to Puddle.  It would be lovely to see these two little dogs homed together as they do seem to have a very strong bond.  It’s more on Vinnie’s side, but Puddle seems to like the attention and even initiates it sometimes.

Adoptions are also starting to pick up at Tai Po thankfully, and with the installation of telephone lines and internet expected in the next few days we should be able to get back to some sort of normality.  It’s been very difficult trying to run an office using only sporadic mobile phone contact, and no internet connection at all.  Kathy and Alice have been having to handle all emails before leaving for Tai Po in the morning, and that doesn’t help adoptions or make even general day-to-day work easy.

We’re also closer to getting a van driver to help with vet runs and volunteer/staff pick-ups and drop-offs.  In fact I’m hoping he starts on Monday, relieving Catherine of the need to act as a stand-in chauffeur.

As we’re already more than halfway through May now (!!), it’s time to start reminding everyone that on Friday 28th there’s another fundraiser taking place, this time for wine lovers.  Details of the Wine Walk are on the website, but basically it’s similar to the Art Walk, only instead of art galleries there will be twenty wine outlets that need to be visited.    The event runs from 6pm until midnight and we’ll need forty volunteers for the evening (over eighteens only please), two for each venue.  Please email if you can help, even if you can’t stay right until the end.  No experience or special knowledge is required, we just need people in HKDR Volunteer T-shirts at each station to hand out leaflets and info.  It’s that simple.


2 Responses to “Sun 16th May: Making good progress”

  1. Karen Barretto Says:

    Some years ago my extremely timid dog escaped on the way to the vet and went missing for 8 days. I searched for 11 hours every day and eventually we were re-united. We canvased the area with photos and 2 people claimed to have seen her. In the end this must have been so as she was where they said she had been, even though we did not think they were so reliable. We think she went up the first possible route to hills and shrubland from the place she escaped and that is exactly where we found her, even though we had searched for miles in all directions. She lived by scavenging at rubbish bins and on food left out for cats. Even though I searched at sunrise and late in the night I found her in the quiet middle part of the day when she was looking for food. Hope that my experience may help and best of luck.

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