Fri 14th May: A round of vet visits

I finally got round to sending Lamma dog Donald to the vet for an X-ray on his leg.  He’s one of the very early HKDR dogs who came to Lamma as a baby pup (with sister Vivi), and stayed.  He suddenly got very lame last year but a check-up didn’t reveal why, and he was sent home with painkillers.  I was hoping the situation would resolve itself but Donald’s been hopping on three legs for too long now, and the muscles are disappearing.  It’s a funny thing with many of my Lamma dogs that they appear to be very independent and aloof, but being sent away to the vet turns them into clingy babies who only want their mama.  Anyway, Donald had to spend the day at the SPCA until I could pick him up in the early evening, and frustratingly his X-ray revealed nothing.  No hip, knee or foot problems, and still no answer as to why he won’t use one of his back legs.  So it’s back to the painkillers again.

We had our first vet trip from Tai Po too, and a van load of dogs and puppies went to Saikung as a test to see how long it would take and how it would all work.  Actually the drive from Tai Po to Saikung is quite easy as there are no traffic jams to deal with, but parking at Saikung is a problem.  Catherine solved that by going off to fill up with petrol (well, diesel) while the puppies were being vaccinated and it ended up working quite well.  We have other things to try out before deciding what will work best for us on the vet front but I suspect it will be a case of using a variety of clinics depending on the need and the urgency.

The workmen are continuing the fencing work in the terraces behind the Tai Po house, and today a team of senior volunteers were able to move some of the dogs from one space to another as we try to sort the dogs into their various categories.  There are some bullies and some others who are being bullied, so it’s important that we can keep them separate.  Now there is a nice big outside house with a large enclosed area of garden that the underdogs can live in without fear of being ambushed by thugs.  They should be happy there.  There are still more sections to be built but eventually we should be able to have somewhere for everyone, including the small dogs who are enjoying their own private terrace at the front of the house.

After getting back from Saikung and emptying the van of its four-legged passengers, it was back to Wanchai to collect Donald and the two new poodles who had been dropped off yesterday.  Shih tzu Rainboy had already been picked up by his foster, so at least there were only two to take back to Lamma for the night.  The older and larger of the two poodles, Puddle, is a very laidback dog, happy to to picked up and to sit quietly on anyone’s lap, but the smaller boy, Vinnie, is a little dynamo.  He’s very sweet, but also very active (as poodles tend to be) and he has an unhealthy (sexual) obsession with Puddle, a feeling that’s not reciprocated.  Keeping the two apart in the van, and on the sampan going over to Lamma, wasn’t easy.  Vinnie was quite determined to get to the love of his life, while I was just as determined that he wasn’t going to.  Hopefully being desexed will put an end to his romantic desires, although it takes a while for the hormones to totally disappear from the system.


2 Responses to “Fri 14th May: A round of vet visits”

  1. helen Says:

    I live in Sai kung just 10min walk from the centre and have a vacant car parking lot if you ever need to park the van for some time.

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