Thurs 13th May: The new boys

Slipper, PLEASE go home......

It was an early start for me today as I had said I would go to Clearwater Bay to see if I could help find Slipper, the ex-Lamma dog who got spooked by some village dogs and fled into the hills the other day.  The foster has been searching, putting up posters and everything else that can be done, but Slipper is in strange territory (for her), and could be anywhere in the miles of undergrowth and hilly terrain.  I only hope that Slipper will eventually find her way back to where she lived for the few days since she arrived, and that she will be OK.

After leaving Clearwater Bay, Catherine (who has been our van driver up until now) drove us to Tai Po.  We still have no internet, so it’s pretty frustrating if you don’t have a fancy phone or some sort of wireless connection.  The mobile broadband modem (that I use on Lamma) doesn’t seem to work too well up in the hills of Tai Po, so we’ll have to wait for PCCW to rescue us.

Rainboy, what a cutie!

We had three new boys arrive in the shape of Rainboy, a very cute little shih tzu who was picked up after spending two days on the street in the rain, and two poodles, both (the colour known as) red, and both very sweet.  We’re starting to build up a stock of dogs that need to see a vet for vaccinations and health checks, as well as desexing, so I decided to take these three back to Wanchai SPCA where they could have everything done before being picked up tomorrow.

The others will be going to Saikung tomorrow, and it will be another early start so we can get to Tai Po with the HKDR van in time to pick the dogs up and be in Saikung for 2.30pm.  Oh for the days when we had the SPCA clinic directly opposite and all we needed to do was cross the road to get there.  Anyway, I had a talk with SPCA and we’ll see if they can send the mobile clinic over once a week, something that will save us a huge amount of time and trouble.

Beautiful and sweet Lucky needs a home

Without having any internet we can’t reply to adoption enquiries as quickly as we would like, or respond to any other enquiries.  Once I leave Lamma I won’t see any emails until the evening, and I’m getting home much later than I used to do in the Pokfulam days.  Please just know that we still need homes for our dogs, and that we have lots of them, all sizes, waiting at Tai Po.  Everyone is welcome to come and have a look at our new centre, and yes, we still need volunteers.


2 Responses to “Thurs 13th May: The new boys”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    Please make sure the SPCA mobile clinic can go up the slopy road, I think it is a 5 tons plus vehicle unless they have a smaller van.

  2. Doron Says:

    Sally, get a blackberry or any smartphone with email + internet access. HKDR isn’t anything different then running a business!

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