Weds 12th May: The Big Move on YouTube

I took the day off dog work today to see a doctor about my ankle, after finally admitting to myself that things weren’t as they should be a couple of months after badly twisting it.  X-rays were taken and I have an appointment to see an orthopaedic specialist next Monday, so nothing conclusive as yet. It was quite a novelty being away from both dogs and my computer (meaning dog-related work), and from the lack of emails waiting for me when I got back home it seems I didn’t miss much action anyway.

Before leaving home I received the YouTube link for the short video made by Angie Chen with the help of  the team at SoZo Group ( . It was filmed over the two days of our move from Pokfulam to Tai Po.  Watch it here:

I have to admit that it made me cry all over again, and from the comments received from others I wasn’t the only one.  Seeing all the dogs, and the volunteers and supporters coming out to help on that day made me realise just how much HKDR is part of Hong Kong now, and how important it is that we exist.

Slipper has quite a distinctive long nose

There was some bad news later in the day about Slipper, a dog from Lamma who recently went to a new home.  She got spooked by some village dogs and ran away, so there is now yet another dog lost in a neighbourhood that’s strange to her.  Garland is still missing, as are Tulip and Genie.  I’m waiting for news on Slipper but will head over to Clearwater Bay if she hasn’t turned up by Tuesday midday.  There have been a couple of sightings, but as always in these situations it’s very unlikely that Slipper will allow herself to be caught by a stranger.

I was sent a new photo of Genie by one of our volunteers, but finding her is going to be a miracle as she is such a timid dog anyway.  The only consolation is that she was desexed before getting lost, so at least she won’t be one of those sad strays that produce endless litters – assuming she survives.  I hope AFCD pick her up soon.

Genie, lost in Pokfulam and unlikely to be found

It’s Garland I’m most concerned about, and I can’t help but wonder if she’s even still alive as she is still just a puppy.  Surely someone must have noticed her in the Mount Davis area?

What if she finds her way back to the kennels and there’s nobody there?  These thoughts run through my mind on a regular basis and I just want her to be found safe and sound.

There’s a bit of a backlog building up of volunteers waiting to attend the orientation session with Mark before being able to start walking the dogs.  Apologies for this, but as the situation at Tai Po is so different from the Pokfulam Kennels, Mark is having to re-write a lot of the training and safety points.  We’re as keen as anyone to get new volunteers up and running (well, walking), but we also need to be sure that we have everything in place to make sure we cover all of the points that will help to ensure the safety of both the dogs and the volunteers.  It won’t be long, I promise!


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