Mon 10th May: A non-dog story

I’m trying to figure out some sort of weekly routine now that we’re in Tai Po and I can’t get out there every day.  Monday is a good day to go to the AFCD kennels in Pokfulam so I can see if any dogs have come in over the weekend that need to be taken out immediately.  On my way there I can see the old HKDR kennels and the work going on.  There’s not much happening at the moment.

I’m glad that I made the decision to go to AFCD as there was a small dog that had been surrendered.  His ex-owner said he was a King Charles spaniel but he’s actually a long haired chihuahua.  Still, ignorance is bliss so they say, and at least the dog had a full vaccination record so it makes things a lot easier, not just for us but for the dog.  I didn’t need to have a heartworm test done as he has had regular Proheart injections, so that saved the poor little guy from having a needle stuck in his leg and blood drawn.  The ex-owner also told the AFCD staff that they dog, BB Tsai, had never been outside before (other than to go to the vet presumably), so you can imagine what being dumped at AFCD felt like.  Bibi (as he is now) was very happy to snuggle into my arms when I picked him up, and during the taxi ride to the vet he was even rolling on his back for me to tickle his tummy. Luckily we have a foster home that Bibi can go to so he won’t have to be at “kennels” with all the other dogs.

I experienced more government idiocy on my way to AFCD, this time in the shape of the Marine Police.  I’ve been living in the same place on Lamma for twenty four years now, and there is no ferry service to this particular bay.  I’m an hour’s walk from the two places on Lamma where the ferries go to, so sampan or private speedboat is the only way to get to and from Aberdeen, the closest place on Hong Kong Island.  The Marine Police regularly stop the sampans to check – what?  That the sampan drivers have a license?  That we’re not smuggling contraband or illegal immigrents (it’s surely the other way round now)?  Today two police officers boarded the sampan and started questioning me.  I have been told before that the sampans aren’t actually licensed to carry passengers, but they are used by everyone, even government workers and the police themselves, because there is no other way to get to where I live.  When I asked why the police needed my information they said it was so I could be a prosecution witness against the sampan driver.  As if I would do that!  Then they started take videos of me getting off the sampan, as proof of the heinous crime the driver had committed.  Could they be out doing something useful like catching criminals?  Or even arresting the people who pollute the water and beaches of Hong Kong by dumping filth and rubbish into the sea?  Or doing something about all of the dogs that scavenge for food along the waterfront and the boatyards?  These dogs are always there, and there are always puppies too.

Anyway, when I ask the Marine Policemen how I am supposed to get to and from my bay when there is no ferry service, I’m always told I must take a ferry.  Right.  I’ll bear that in mind next Sunday when I’m getting puppies across to Whiskers’n’Paws for the adoption afternoon.  It’s a very short sampan trip directly across the Lamma Channel, but instead I will walk over the hills to Sok Kwu Wan with all the crates full of puppies, then get a ferry to the Aberdeen waterfront (no dogs allowed), then over the flyover to Aberdeen itself where I will try to find a taxi that will carry all the crates to Horizon Plaza.

The contractors are still working at Tai Po putting up more fencing and creating more enclosures for the dogs.  We’re starting to see some bullying going on, something that’s inevitable with so many dogs, so we need to be able to separate the thugs and their victims.  Hopefully the rain hasn’t held the workers up too much as we have to be ready to take in all of the dogs that are still in foster homes or private boarding. Right now it’s a daunting prospect.


One Response to “Mon 10th May: A non-dog story”

  1. Beryl Says:

    I lived Shek Lin Road until last year. (My family still live in there.) We used to call your new home “Sweet Garden”.

    Hope all dog get their “Sweet Home”.

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