Sun 9th May: One week later

Slipper moved from Lamma to Tai Po so is one of my special girls

It’s only been a week since we moved to Tai Po but Pokfulam already feels like a long time ago.  There has been so much achieved in just seven days that it’s hard to believe that last Sunday we were still moving the remaining dogs and equipment out of the kennels, and the Tai Po house was a complete disaster zone.  We still haven’t got a phone line or internet, and the fencing hasn’t been completed yet, but we’re up and running and adoptions have started up again.  Today doglet Raymond left for his new home, and Slipper went off to foster.  Unfortunately their places were immediately taken by two others, both surrenders, and  that’s why we have so many dogs!

Raymond is the tan coloured dog

We’re also getting a lot of new volunteers wanting to sign up (which is very heartening), and the orientation sessions will begin again very soon.  Mark needs to work out a new programme which is relevant to Tai Po and a completely different situation from The Pokfulam environment. We also need to explore the surrounding area for recommended walks, and local resident volunteer Man Chan has offered to help with that.  Man has been amazing throughout the whole moving period, and it’s been largely thanks to him that so much was achieved in such a short time.

Doobie loves to sit on this one particular sofa

I was back at Whiskers’n’Paws today, my traditional Sunday haunt, but it was very quiet.  I suppose everyone was busy treating their mothers to a special meal.  No puppies were adopted, but they still enjoyed their afternoon on the terrace.  Even my lucky beer didn’t help this time. 

I should explain about the beer.  I don’t normally drink alchohol during the day, but one hot Sunday at Whiskers’n’Paws it was a special occasion and I accepted a cold beer.  That day we had a record number of adoptions, and we joked it must have been a lucky beer.  On a subsequent quiet day, someone suggested I should try drinking a lucky beer, which I did, and it worked.  So now whenever I arrive at Whiskers’n’Paws I’m handed a beer as a token of good luck, and whether I feel like it or not I always drink at least some.  And that’s why you’ll always see me with a can of beer on Sundays (and I’m very glad I had the chance to explain).

With the Comedython over (and that was a great event, and lots of fun), we now have the Wine Walk to look forward to.  This takes place at the end of the month (Friday 28th May, 6pm to midnight) and is a similar concept to the now-famous Art Walk, except it involves visiting twenty wine outlets rather than art galleries.  As all proceeds from the event are being donated to HKDR, we have to supply two volunteers for each location, a total of forty over-eighteens (apologies to willing younger students but this is because of the alcohol).  If you’re interested, or even just willing, to volunteer for this please email to register.

There’s also something else to look forward to later in the year.  All photo sessions for the upcoming Tribute Book 3 have now been completed (and if you missed it, sorry) and the production part of the process will now start. This book is going to be the best yet and I can’t wait for it to come out.  We’re aiming for the end of September, or early October latest, so you’ll have to be patient (not my strong point!)

Pups TaiTai and PoPo, our first local catches


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