Sat 8th May: Funny and not so funny

When we first started looking for a new site for HKDR one of the reasons that I wanted to avoid moving to the New Territories was the huge number of stray dogs that are everywhere, and the inevitability that we would become a dumping ground for many of them.  On the very  first day at Tai Po two puppies (Tai Tai and Po Po) joined us.  They were from the waterworks next to the house, and there are many others in that area alone including the pups’ mother.  So far I think we have had requests every day from people wanting us to take in either a dog they have found, or a dog they want to get rid of.    Today we had one surrender and one return and no adoptions. Please don’t ask or expect us to say yes to every single stray dog that is found, as there are thousands of them out there and we can’t keep taking more in.

The government, via York Chow, have yet again quashed any hope of TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) for dogs, the only way that this awful situation can be controlled.  The reason given is that they don’t want to be responsible for the dogs, as there must be a registered owner.  Why?  Which is better, to have stray dogs that are desexed and vaccinated against rabies, or to have stray dogs that produce more stray puppies and aren’t vaccinated?  The government, in their wisdom, seem to think that by not desexing the dogs or protecting them against rabies the problem will just go away.  What is wrong with desexing and rabies vaccinating stray dogs and not registering them with any owner, but simply tattooing (for example) to show that they have been “done”?  Too simple?  Why is it that the only people in Hong Kong who can’t see that desexing doesn’t produce more stray dogs is the government? Their arguments simply don’t make any sense.

There was some good news from Adoptions Manager, Alice, when she circulated the total adoptions and fosters for April: 76 adopted and 32 fostered, with quite a few of the fosters already being changed to adoptions.  Clicker and Martin won’t be coming back, and nor will Sultana or Trixie.  Missy’s status has also just changed from foster to adopted too!  This is a fantastic result and I know that a huge amount of time and effort went into achieving these numbers. Thanks to Alice, Maria, Sandra, Kathy, Mark, Angela, Susan, Ivy, Heyli, and other volunteers, for their dedication and hard work on behalf of the dogs.

Other dogs that went to foster homes for the moving period will have to come back over the next couple of weeks if they’re not staying in their homes, as it’s not fair to let the dogs get too settled and attached only for them to be returned later on.  We can’t explain to the dogs that their new homes are only temporary, so it’s better that they come back while they still remember the other HKDR dogs and will easily settle back into a multi-dog environment.  Of course we hope that more dogs will be adopted, but realise that not every foster home can do that.

Today was the day of Hong Kong’s first Comedython with twelve straight hours of non-stop, stand-up comedy at Champs Bar, Charterhouse Hotel.  I arrived at 6pm, while volunteers had been there from midday and stayed right up to the end at 1pm.  Vivian even managed to get to Tai Po and back during the afternoon!  Being the party pooper that I am these days I left at 10.30pm, but I had a great time and laughed my socks off .  I have to say a huge thanks to the Charterhouse Hotel and Champs bar for hosting the event, and to Jami Gong of TakeOut Comedy and all of those who took part.  MC Michael Dorsher managed the whole twelve hours with amazing enthusiasm and helped us raise over $60,000, a really fantastic amount.


5 Responses to “Sat 8th May: Funny and not so funny”

  1. alison liu Says:

    re the capture, neuter & return: one thought: what rubbish about chipped: the dogs/pups are obviously HK born & therefore have auto rights to basic health care ! their argument is seriously alice in wonderland warped logic!

  2. Winsy Says:

    I really don’t understand why government can execute TNR on Monkeys but not for dogs (or it is done by NGOs? i am not sure)

    Can’t undersand their logic and reason behind. sigh.

  3. Renata Says:

    What exactly are the government’s arguments against TNR for dogs? I can’t think of anything they could say!!

    • Sally Says:

      They say if they put the dogs back (after desexing and rabies vaccinating) there is a danger that the dogs might bite someone. If you can work out the logic, let me know, because silly old me just can’t see it.

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