Fri 7th May: First Tai Po adoption!


Nova's feeling pretty relaxed about the whole adoption thing

We’d been wondering when and who would be the first dog to go from Tai Po, and today we got the answer.  Little Nova, a 7 – 8 month old puppy, was the lucky one, and she’s now moved to Shek O, a lovely place for a dog.  It was easy for her as she had been chosen to live in the front of the office along with the handful of small dogs, although I’m still not sure why she was awarded this privilege.  It doesn’t matter now, because it obviously helped to get her a home and I immediately replaced her (with Slipper) when she was led out of the door proudly wearing her new collar, leash and adopter.

Although I was there when Nova was adopted, I’d been out earlier in the day looking at potential sites for our permanent kennels.  It seems to have become a full time occupation, driving out and around and trying to make instant assessments.  One thing has become clear with the move to Tai Po and that is that being out of the way makes a huge difference.  Staff have to endure long travel times to and from work, and many of our volunteers can’t commit to the schedule as before.  I know that wherever we end up we’ll have to build a whole new volunteer base, except for those dedicated current volunteers who have cars or can afford the cost of getting across from Hong Kong, although I hate to lose anyone. 

Areas in the far Northen New Territories that I’d initially rejected and then had to reconsider when our situation became desperate, are now off the list again.  Tai Po is far enough, and even being quite close to an MTR station doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get to.  Unless you live in Tai Po, of course, and I’m happy to say that we do have local volunteers who have been lifesavers.

The dogs love to have human company

Having said that, there were a lot of volunteers busy with the dogs when I arrived at Tai Po after my drive-around, and I was very happy to see the unmistakeable blue T-shirts up in the terraces.  The dogs are still enjoying their freedom and space to play, and all survived the storm without incident. Now we just have to get the adoption ball rolling again, and this coming weekend will be interesting.

The dogs settle down for the night in their Doggie Dormitory

Saturday is the day of the Comedython at the Charterhouse Hotel, and our events team will be there for the start at 1pm while I’ll be arriving in the early evening.  I don’t think anyone is going to be able to handle the full twelve hours, but it’s always a huge relief for me to know everything is taken care of and is in good hands.  I’ll just turn up, enjoy the comedy, and that’s it.  Lucky me.

Check out Jubbly and Fleur in their new home!  We all want to go…..!!!

Jubbly and Fleur explore their new home


3 Responses to “Fri 7th May: First Tai Po adoption!”

  1. Marie Laidlaw Says:

    Woweeee!!! love the photo of Fleur and Jubbly in her new home!!

  2. KY Says:

    The puppy sat on sofa named Nova.

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