Thurs 6th May: Starting to take shape

Things are finally starting to take shape at HKDR Tai Po, although we still don’t have a phone line, internet or decent mobile reception.  Kathy has a small desk set up outside the office on the narrow balcony, and this is where calls can be made and received.  I’m not sure it’s going to work that well during the rainy season, and certainly not typhoons.

With rain imminent I spent the afternoon checking that the dogs had enough shelter, and that the outside dog houses and crates were waterproof.  I don’t know who designs these things, but the plastic kennels leak like crazy in the rain so you have to make a cover or a double roof.  Travel crates aren’t designed to be used outside, of course, but with a bit of crafty handiwork you can turn them into snug dens that won’t let the rain in.

We had our first potential adopters today, and even though no dog was actually taken home it was a start.  I was beginning to think that nobody would ever find us, but maybe it’s just as well that we had time to sort ourselves out a bit before greeting visitors.  I doubt we could have handled an adoption earlier in the week.

We also had our first school group visit, and I’m told the young students enjoyed themselves immensely.  Thanks to Mark for getting up to Tai Po (from Chung Hom Kok) in time to take this on.  It’s a long trek from the South Side to Shek Lin Road.

Our first school group at Tai Po (with Mark)

We need two things urgently.  One is a van driver (who has to love dogs, of course), and the other is someone to stay at the house overnight.  This could well be the same person, and that w0uld be ideal of course.  There is a lovely room with en suite bathroom and a small terrace which is specially reserved for humans.  You’d never have to be afraid of burglars living with so many dogs in the same house (just like me on Lamma).

At the moment the van is being parked overnight at Pokfulam, but it can’t stay there during the day without collecting parking tickets.  The obvious and ideal place for it is the Tai Po house, and then we can use it for picking up staff and volunteers from the MTR, or taking dogs to the vet.  After all, that’s what the van is for.

Another thing we urgently need is volunteers!  The dog walking schedule is looking very empty for next week, and I know that it’s hard to get to Tai Po for many people who live close to Pokfulam, but it’s easy for places like Shatin, Ma On Shan and even Saikung, where I’m sure we already have volunteers.    If you live in the NT and can spare time to help walk, socialise and train the dogs, please join us.  We will be starting the volunteer orientations again soon.  Email

A young Jubbly

Two of our dogs that left for their new life in Nevada, USA, on Wednesday arrived safely and are doing well.  Jubbly lived on Lamma with me, while her new “sister”, Fleur, was a Pokfulam resident.  Both are very lucky dogs and I’m sure we’ll get regular updates from them.  I’m looking forward to the photos, as I’m sure Fleur’s many fans are too.

A reminder about Saturday and the Comedython.  It runs from 1pm through til 1am Sunday morning, and all proceeds go to HKDR, so please support!


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