Weds 5th May: Lost and found

Jay and Claire, just a week before he was lost at the airport

The news that Jay was found dead at the side of a road today overshadowed everything else.  It was doubly sad that his owner, Claire, had finally left for the UK only the day before after weeks of searching and hoping that her adored dog would be found.  The only comfort is that at least Claire won’t have to worry about Jay any more, or wonder if he is OK.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who shed tears for both Jay and Claire, and felt angry about the whole situation happening in the first place. 

To be honest, when it first happened (Jay being lost at the airport) and there was a lot of inappropriate personal character assassination going on on Facebook, I only wanted Jay to be found.  However after reading that Relopet, the company that Claire had trusted to send Jay back to the UK, were not only refusing to pay any compensation but were even still charging for moving Jay from Discovery Bay to the airport, then I changed my mind. I understand there will be a court case to decide who is right, but I know who will win in my mind, whatever happens in court.

Sue gives Pickle a big hug

There was at least some good news about another lost dog when Pickle, the HKDR dog who was lost from his foster home in Saikung, was found safe and sound.  I don’t know the full story myself yet, but I do know that volunteer Sue has been out every single day looking for him, and she was finally rewarded.  Or should I say we were all rewarded, as he is loved by everyone, as all of our dogs are.


Sadly puppy Garland, adopted just before we left Pokfulam, is still out there somewhere and her chances of survival are low given her age and inexperience if she’s not found soon.  Genie is also lost in the Pokfulam area, but at least she is an adult and is already desexed.  If by some miracle Garland lives even a few months, she will almost certainly be a mother herself soon.  It doesn’t even bear thinking about.  Where are you Garland?  Please go home.

I’m still trying to settle into some sort of routine with my days but it’s difficult knowing where I should be and how I can work most effectively. Getting from Lamma (remembering that I can only travel by sampan to Aberdeen) to Tai Po is a killer of a journey, and one of our cleaners has already decided that it’s too much for him from Kennedy Town on a daily basis.  Our volunteers are also finding it difficult, so please, anyone living within easy travelling distance of Tai Po who can help out – we need you! Send an email to for details.

Fencing work is continuing at Tai Po as we are trying to create more sections to contain the dogs at night, and to separate the ones that don’t like each other.  Tiger and Clementine, for example, can’t be together at any time.  Who knows what started these feelings but once two dogs fall out, especially females, it’s almost impossible to repair the damage.  They will hate each other for ever.

We also need to create some sections for new dogs so we can get them settled (and desexed etc) before letting them loose with the other established residents.  It’s all still a bit of a nightmare at the moment.

I’m looking forward to Saturday’s Comedython to provide some laughs.  Don’t forget, it runs for a full 12 hours from 1pm to 1am, and there will be all sorts of prizes to be won as well as the non-stop comedy entertainment.  Full details are on our website so check it out and see you there.


14 Responses to “Weds 5th May: Lost and found”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    I like to offer some traveling suggestions, don’t be deter by the location, Tai Po is actually quite convenient to travel to:

    From Hong Kong, hop on any cross harbour tunnel bus, get off first stop after Hung Hom Tunnel, then take the MTR train (20 minutes) to Tai Po Market or Tai Wo station.

    Bus 307 direct to Tai Po from Central via Admiralty, Wanchai, Causeway Bay.

  2. Abby and Lou Says:

    I think worse still is that Relopet blames Claire.

  3. Diana Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Jay was found dead. How did Jay die? Was he hit by a car or did he die from some kind of disease?

  4. DL Says:

    oh, oh oh this is so sad. oh poor Jay and poor Claire. My heart goes out to her.

  5. jennifer Says:

    I remember reading about the story of Relopet counter-sueing claire – it really angered me and this post brings back those negative feelings!!! i hope claire wins this in court – we’re all behind her in support over this, especially with the sad news about jay.

  6. ken Says:


    Perhaps, you should consider to find a place at Tai Po so that you could sometimes stay for the night when things are too busy.

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Ken,
      There’s a room just for someone to sleep at Tai Po but I have too many dogs on Lamma to take care of for it to be possible for me to stay out overnight.

  7. Helen Y Says:

    Sally I think you need a helper at home especially on the days when there is a typhoon or rough sea – and the kennel now far out at Tai Po.

  8. madelaine gomez Says:


    As you know, I stayed overnight on the Saturday night of the big move. If I wanted to, is it possible to stay overnight again (Saturday nights) and if so, who do I make arrangements with.

  9. Silvena Says:

    Correction to the previous post
    To get from Aberdeen to Tai Po
    1) Bus Route 107 from Wah Fu Estate (stops at Tin Wan Street and Abedreen main bus terminal on Wu Lam Street) to Kowloon Bay
    Get off at Hung Hom (35 mins) -> MTR to Tai Wo (30 mins)

    2) Red Top Minibus from Abderdeen (Tung Sing Road) to Mong Kok (Sai Yee Street) (less than 30 mins) -> 5 mins walk to the Mong Kok East MTR station -> MTR to Tai Wo (26 mins)

    There are only two cross habour buses from Abedreen than use the old hung hom cross habour tunnel, route 107 and 170 respectively but try avoiding 170 at all costs, as it is painfully slow.

  10. Kandy Says:

    Dear Sally,

    I live in Ma On Shan and I visit very often my sister in Tai Po (about 15 mins from Tai Wo station). I keep on thinking of visiting HKDR but failed due to long distance from home to Pofulam for the past years. I’m happy that HKDR has moved to Tai Po but sorry for the huge challenge that you, the dogs and volunteers are facing. I’m not sure if I can help, but I would like to support through learning more about HKDR in the future.

    Best wishes to you, the dogs and volunteers


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