Tues 4th May: Shady, our HKDR Superstar

This was what Shady looked like as a baby

Ex-HKDR dog Shady, now part of Volunteer Co-ordinator Nana’s family, was a hero today.  While out walking with Nana and “brother” Prancer, Shady disappeared into some bushes and refused to move.  When Nana went to investigate, she found a man, dangling upside down on a steep slope and  unable to pull himself back up.  He had slipped and fallen, and would have stayed unnoticed if Shady hadn’t found him there.  Nana was inundated with calls from the media, and even I was being asked for information about Shady such as what breed he was and where did he come from.  Shady is a mongrel, of course, and an extremely handsome one too.  He and his brother, Dax, came from AFCD and were fostered before being adopted.  We didn’t know they would grow as big as they did, but they are both really wonderful dogs. 

The story was reported in many dailies and you can see all the links on our Hong Kong Dog Rescue Facebook page, including a great animated reconstruction of the event in the Apple Daily video clip.

Nana with Shady, Prancer and baby Remy

I hitched a ride on the HKDR van to go to Tai Po today.  There is still so much to do up there, with bags and boxes still unpacked, and piles of beds, crates and other miscellaneous dog stuff lying around outside.  We managed to get two more outdoor houses put up, and also walked round with the contractor to decide where more fencing and compounds should be built.  We’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather, but rain must surely be coming soon as we have to make sure there is shelter for all of the dogs.

I spent a lot of the afternoon making waterproof (I hope!) houses for the puppies, many of whom are recent arrivals from Lamma.  They are always ecstatic to see me, and assume that I’ve come to take them home.  Leaving them behind is very hard, as I’ve looked after them since they were tiny babies and they are all very special to me.  I want them to find homes now, and to be special to their new families.

Kathy found the mobile broadband modem that we had kept as a spare at kennels, so we finally had internet connection in the new office.  I use the same thing on Lamma and it works very well.  Not having internet access makes running HKDR impossible, and I can’t imagine how everyone managed before there was such a thing.

Another thing that’s really important and which I have yet to sort out, is a vet.  I’ll still be taking dogs and puppies from AFCD in Pokfulam, although the closest Animal Management Centre is now Shatin (which we’ll use for microchipping).  We’ve talked about getting all of the health checks and desexing done before the dogs go to Tai Po, but how will that work?  I’m not familiar with the clinics in Tai Po itself, and we can’t afford to pay the high prices that some vets charge, even for charities, so right now we’re in a kind of veterinary vacuum.  That’s not a good situation to be in.

We’re being asked whether the dogs still need to be walked now that they have so much space to run around in and the answer is yes, absolutely.  Now that they are starting to settle, the dogs are less interested in exploring and are missing the human company that they love so much.  Anyone going into the garden will find themselves surrounded by dogs happy to see a friend.  It’s also important that the dogs don’t forget everything the have learned about walking on a leash, or basic obedience.  Trainer Mark will be sending out a message to volunteers shortly about the new routines and needs at Tai Po, so please don’t forget us or the dogs.

And of course, even more importantly, our dogs need homes!  Potential adopters are still welcome every day, and we even have brand new HKDR adoption folders with free DVDs to give away with every dog.


8 Responses to “Tues 4th May: Shady, our HKDR Superstar”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    SPCA Sai Kung may be the option, far from Tai Po it may seem, the drive is only 30 minutes by Tolo Highway, via Sai Sha Road to Sai Kung.

  2. andy Says:

    I saw the dogs’ pictures on mingpao (明報), super handsome and heroic.

  3. Karina Says:

    Pet Central in Sai Kung might be another option…..

  4. Pato Says:

    I will support continue dog walk activities even in new home center. It is very typical HKDR customs cannot find in elsewhere.

  5. Yvonne Says:

    You can try Animal Medical Centre Tai Po, G/F, 54 Yan Hing St, Tai Po (tel: 2656-1168). They have a number of clinics all around HK. I take my 4 dogs (1 of them adopted from HKDR) to their Mid-Levels clinic and the vets there are fantastic. Their charges are very reasonable and they help various charities too, at least the Mid-Level one does. I haven’t been to their Tai Po clinic but I think they are all owned by the same owner and should be able to help you.

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