Fri 30th April: Ready for the Big Move

Fate brought Lucille back to kennels so she could find a home

I got an early morning call from someone saying that he had found a stray dog and asking if it could be one of the few that had recently been lost from their foster homes.  I said it didn’t sound like any of them, but he should take the dog to the AFCD Animal Management Centre to have it scanned for a microchip in case it was lost, rather than abadoned.  He did just that and the dog turned out to be Lucille, who went into a foster home the previous day and had (we later discovered) escaped when a guard left a gate open. Well it was Lucille’s lucky day, because after having been identified as one of ours and brought back to kennels, she was adopted later in the afternoon!

Rolls of fencing in front of the house

I was up at Tai Po for the day trying to sort through the bags of stuff that had gone up the previous day, and prepare the bedrooms for the guests due to arrive on Saturday.  Volunteers were already hard at work cleaning, and a team of gardeners were busy cutting away still more of the undergrowth that has been growing freely over the past few years.  There’s a huge amount of work still to be done, but at least the preliminary fencing should be in place which will prevent the dogs from running into the driveway from the terraced garden area.

The garden is all terraces like this one

Another group of dogs left Pokfulam to go out to private boarding at Petworld, and I would guess that by now their Kam Tin kennels must resemble a mini HKDR with so many of our dogs there!  They will all be moved to Tai Po once we have settled in and put up some more fences, but for the time being it’s a relief to have them safe and sound elsewhere.  Thanks to all of the sponsors who are covering the cost of the dogs’ boarding.

I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that we will be leaving Pokfulam this weekend as the reality hasn’t sunk in yet.  It will be a big change for me as I won’t be able to get to Tai Po on a daily basis, and will be working from home a lot more.  I’ll still be making regular visits to the Pokfulam AFCD kennels to check on the new dogs and select those lucky few that will join us at Tai Po, and getting them to the vet for all of their health checks, vaccinations and desexing.  We  haven’t decided exactly how this will work, and whether we’ll try to get a vet in Tai Po or get everything done beforehand, but all of this can be sorted out after the move.  For now the big focus is on getting all the dogs into their new home, and making sure that we are up and running so we can get back to what we do – find homes for the dogs!


2 Responses to “Fri 30th April: Ready for the Big Move”

  1. Maria Hollaender-Fuentebella Says:

    Hello Miss Anderson,

    Just want to commend you for your efforts in saving these stray/abandoned dogs.

    For the past days, I have been following on your works reading about it from the SCMP.

    My husband’s business brings us here and we stay for more or less 6mos every year. Should you need anymore volunteers, I will be most happy to offer my services, being a dog lover myself.

    I wish you success in the new place in TaiPo and hope that I can also be of help.



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