Thurs 29th April: The moving begins

The move is now in full swing, the office and shop have been cleared of most things other than the basic necessities, and dogs are moving out to private boarding kennels and foster homes to help reduce the numbers having to make the initial switch from kennels to dormitory-style accomodation.

Of course the rain really didn’t help, and nor did the tide when I was trying to get donated air conditioners from temporary storage on Lamma over to Hong Kong to meet the truck at a specified time.  Low tide makes it impossible for the sampan to reach the pier and it was all a bit of a disaster, although we finally made it.

Kathy and Alice are trying to deal with adoptions, fosters, vet visits and all the paperwork while surrounded by chaos, and there are the inevitable last-minute hitches such as the contractors at Tai Po saying they couldn’t continue with work on the fence while it was raining, the trucks being too big to get up the hill and through the gate to the house, and just about everything else that happens in these situations.

All I can say is that I am extremely grateful that we have a core group of volunteers who have taken on the task of coordinating everything that needs to be done because with the help of people like Man, Dennis and Quinie I really don’t think we could have achieved what we have.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the final day of our official stay at the Pokfulam Kennels, although thankfully we have the weekend to actually move the dogs and furniture out and to Tai Po.  Saturday is the start of the Big Move, and we have no idea how it will all work out but can only trust that it will.  I will be taking the first car/van to Tai Po to be there to welcome and sort the dogs that follow, and hopefully they will all be so busy exploring their new 40,000 square feet of garden that they won’t get into scraps and bust-ups.  We’re asking that volunteers who sit with the dogs for the journey stay with them for a while after they arrive, so at least we don’t have a free-for-all situation and nobody to oversee what’s happening.

Friday will be the last full day for adopters to come and choose a dog to take home (and we still have plenty!), and we’re hoping that even at the last minute, just as the dogs are climbing (or being pushed) into the cars and coaches, there will be last minute cries of “Wait!  I want to take that dog!”  We’ll be fine with that.

So here we are, at the end of an era, and ready to start our new adventure.  I’m looking forward to the day when I can write that we have found our permanent home, but in the meantime I’m immensely grateful for what we have been given, and that our dogs have been saved.


One Response to “Thurs 29th April: The moving begins”

  1. Agnes Lee Says:

    It’s great to hear all you guys are ready to move to a new place. I really hope that everything for you and all doggies can go smooth and settle down as soon as possible.
    BTW, it was so sad to hear some dogs are missing because of such home moving. They are so lovely and innocent ! I pray for them and you guys ! GOD bless them !

    Agnes and family

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