Tues 27th April: Getting close

The reality of the move is starting to hit home as volunteers were busy packing up the office today.  Twelve dogs were moved out to go to private boarding kennels for a month or so, and hopefully more will be joining them before too long.  Clearing work at the Tai Po site (what will we call it?) continues, and the transformation is quite amazing.  Rachael, Mark, Nana and Dennis are trying to coordinate all of the offers of cars, van, trucks and coaches for the actual move, and someone has to get this all on video!!  I don’t know how it will all work, but somehow it will.

The playground equipment in the big field was moved to Lamma as the terraced garden at Tai Po isn’t suitable for it, although we hope and assume that it will be moved back when we find our permanent home.  My Lamma dogs spent a good half hour inspecting and sniffing every inch of it when it arrived, and gave it a good watering of course.  Now it belongs to them.

We really, really need to get more dogs into homes in the few remaining days, and there were a few adopters today.  I brought puppy Dizzy over from Lamma for a second interview with local celebrity singing star, Sandy Lam, and the adoption was confirmed.  I love it when mongrels go to homes like these because it helps to spread the message about adoption, and that dogs don’t have to be the designer label variety.

In the afternoon I was taken out to the deepest far North New Territories again to look at possible land.  I’m always amazed that wherever you go, and no matter how deep into the countryside you are, there are clusters of new houses being built.  Although we didn’t find anything that looked immediately suitable, I got some very good advice and tips about buying land in the New Territories, something that is so complicated due to the traditional clan ways and laws, that you can easily end up in trouble if you don’t get it right.  So it was a very worthwhile afternoon, even if we’re still no closer to finding our eventual home.

While kennel volunteers were busy with the packing, and moving the dogs, others were finalising details and arrangements for Wednesday’s (now tonight) party at the Coyote bar in Lockhart Road, Wanchai.    What was originally a normal fundraising event as part of the Eclipse Group’s “giving back” scheme, the evening has now become our Farewell to Pokfulam, and I hope that as many volunteers and supporters as possible will come along to share memories of the four years we have been at our kennels, and to drink to the future of HKDR and the dogs.  The event starts at 7pm and will go on until late, and it’s going to be one BIG party!  I really hope to see you all there.


2 Responses to “Tues 27th April: Getting close”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    Agreed with Virginia, all new owners/fosters please use the EasyWalker harness that Mark recommends, it works wonders on walking and avoid losing your new dog – remember we are strangers to them in the first couple of days/week.

  2. Marie Laidlaw Says:

    will have a big drink for HKDR tonight in London!!Good luck with the move-here’s to HKDR and it’s great future!!:)XX

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