Mon 26th April: And the address is …..

So many of you have been asking for the actual address of the temporary Tai Po site but I didn’t want to give it our until I had signed the tenancy agreement, which I did this afternoon.  The address is 6 Shek Lin Road, Tai Po, and the nearest MTR station is Tai Wo.  One of our volunteers created a very simple map with detailed directions, so this should help all volunteers and visitors to find the place.

Map and directions to Tai Po

This week is going to be a hectic one, with everything at Pokfulam needing to be packed up and then unpacked at the other end.  If any of you have spare time to come and help, please do.  We also have a lot of dogs that need walking, so don’t forget them either.  Although we have reduced the numbers considerably, there are still well over a hundred dogs left so we’re hoping that more adopters (and fosters) will visit during this week.

While all of this is going on, the search for a permanent or long term site hasn’t stopped, and on Tuesday afternoon I’ll be heading out to the New Territories once again to check out some land.  We can’t relax or think that we can take a break for a while because it will take time to build a new Homing Centre, and even if a site was confirmed this week any moving in date would be a long way off.

What has now become the “Goodbye to Pokfulam” party will take place this Wednesday at the Coyote bar in Wanchai, so even while we are up to our eyes with organising the Big Move, there are volunteers busy planning the event.  All of the details are on our website so please check it out, and do please come along to join all of us in a farewell drink.  There will be two exclusive cocktails which have been specially concocted for the evening, and all sorts of things to keep you entertained.  As always there are lots of prizes and giveaways, and it’s going to be a great evening.

I’ve mentioned before that although we urgently need homes for our dogs at this particular time, the usual adoption criteria still apply, and we must also ask that adopters and fosters alike remember that even though the dogs are lucky to be moving out of kennels and into real homes, they need time to settle and adjust.  Over the past few days three of the dogs that went into foster homes have run away, and it’s very distressing for all concerned, not to mention the dogs.  Genie was a shy girl anyway, and luckily for her her foster home was in Pokfulam so we’re hopeful that Genie will find her way back.  Tulip, however, went to Cheung Chau and is now running free, and could be anywhere.  She is also a very shy dog.  Pickle was lost in Saikung, so there is no chance of him finding his own way back to kennels, or knowing his way back to his foster home as he ran away almost as soon as he had arrived.

Please, when a dog is new in your home, take special care to ensure that the collar is tight enough that the dog can’t slip out, the leash and clip are also strong and in good condition, and that you don’t let the dog run freely in your garden if you have one.  Dogs can escape through the smallest of gaps, and until you are sure that the dog won’t run away, walk him or her on a leash at all times, even in your own garden.


5 Responses to “Mon 26th April: And the address is …..”

  1. DL Says:

    Good luck with the move! And I hope all the lost dogs (including Jay) be found soon. Poor them.

    I came across these articles and am VERY disturbed.

    perhaps the articles can explain why there is suddenly a spate of more tibetan mastiffs being sold at HK pet shops!

  2. Virginia Says:

    Due to a loose collar, we almost lost our dog Tansy on the second day of her adoption. Mark advised us to get a gentle leader harness and it worked very well. For new owners, a harness might be more safe.

    • Ellen Says:

      I’ve seen a dog slip out of a harness.
      Don’t ask me how but she did, fortunately not to run away, only to run back because she wanted to play more with her sister!
      I guess with a new dog, the collar or harness really has to be “snug” enough!

  3. Jason Says:

    Hi Sally,

    i would like to donate my like-new condition electronic piano to you if it could help you fetch some money for your cause. if you seriously think this could help HKDR, do let me know by email.


    • Sally Says:

      Is anyone interested in this electric piano?

      Jason, we can’t take it at this point as we won’t have anywhere to put it, but hopefully someone will be interested and we can arrange a direct handover. Many thanks for your kind offer.

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