Sun 25th April: The last Sunday

Today was the last Sunday at Pokfulam, and our big Adoption Drive took place in several venues across Hong Kong, from Central to Stanley.  As always our fantastic volunteers rallied to the call for help, and the whole operation ran very smoothly, from the pick up in the morning to the return of dogs that didn’t find homes.

I was in a panic in the morning as my Lamma puppies had been sharing a “doggie cold”, with coughs and sniffles.  How on earth they caught it I don’t know, as they have been with me for months now.  In the end I picked those whose symptoms had already started to subside, and called for a supply of puppies from kennels to make sure I had enough stock.  On top of that, my water heater did something very strange which resulted in hot steam blasting through every water pipe in the house, from the toilet to the washing machine.  But that’s another story…..

All the puppies want to be on the ATV news on Monday!

I was very glad of the extra puppies from kennels as it was a very busy afternoon at Whiskers’n’Paws, and seven lucky pups were adopted.  I also had an interview with ATV World for the news on Monday (watch at 7.30pm). The wind was blowing a gale and hair, paperwork and drinks were flying, but the puppies loved it as they always do.  There’s a sofa that is their absolute favourite spot and they shared it with the TV reporter, Laura Westbrook.

Bart's fan club say goodbye

Kennels was buzzing all day, and there were some totally unexpected adoptions and fosters.  Bart was the star of the show when it was his time to finally leave for his new home, two and a half years after he arrived as a very young (and beautiful) puppy.  His parents, Missy and Misto, were also chosen, which made it a particularly happy occasion.  Bart has a huge fan club and he couldn’t leave until all the volunteers had had their last photo taken with him.

Even Lox found a home!  Lox, the very shy and scruffy dog that took months to even come out of the dog house that was his home, and then more months before he allowed himself to be taken for walks, and have a much needed haircut.  He wasn’t happy about getting into the car for the drive to his new home, but we knew he would have to do it for his trip to Tai Po anyway so his cries for help had to be ignored.

As the day came to an end and the volunteers gathered at the kennels, group photos were taken in front of the iconic HKDR graffiti fence.  This is really the end of an era, and a time that has seen HKDR change from a very small operation into what it is today.  This time next Sunday we’ll be packing up the last of what’s left at the kennels and taking it to our temporary home at Tai Po.  From there we can look foward to building our new Homing Centre, although where that will be we have no idea at this point.  For now we just need to concentrate on what we have (for which we’re extremely grateful) and trying to get more dogs into homes this week.

The end of the day and the end of an era


3 Responses to “Sun 25th April: The last Sunday”

  1. Lisa Ng Says:

    So glad to learn that quite a few dogs were adopted last Sunday.

  2. Linda Sanderson Says:

    So delighted that Bart and his parents, Missy and Misto, have found homes. We adopted Bart’s sister Roxy (formerly Hattie), almost three years ago. She’s a beautiful, affectionate girl who looks just like him!

  3. Barbara Says:

    I’m so glad Bart found a home and Lox too. I loved them both when we came to view dogs. But in the end adopted puppy Disney (now Jesse). Barts personality was too dominant for my 8 year old male dog. And Lox too timid. Jesse is doing extremely well and Billy my 8 year old still growls at him when both are inside the house. Outside they play and are sometimes buddies. But Billy wouldn’t say so himself.

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