Sat 24th April: Halfway there

It was a mad day at kennels today with potential adopters coming by from mid-morning onwards, TVB Pearl’s news crew filming interviews for the evening news (you can watch the clip on Facebook), and really not enough volunteers experienced with doing adoptions to handle it all.  Still we managed, and nine dogs found homes with several more going off to foster homes.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is the big Adoption Drive so we have been busy trying to coordinate all of the venues, dogs and volunteers, while having to make last minute changes every time a dog was adopted (a good thing, of course).  I’ll be at Whiskers’n’Paws as usual with a group of puppies, but now one of them, lovely Boo, has come down with a bad cough and I’m in a panic.  Please don’t let them all start coughing!

At the same time as the adoptions teams were trying to sort out dogs and vans for tomorrow, preparations for the move to Tai Po are also having to be organised.  For everyone who has sent emails about coming next weekend (1st and 2nd May) with cars, vans, trucks and coaches, it’s going to be too difficult to try and create any sort of schedule, so please just turn up and we’ll pack in the dogs and send you on your way.  The address and directions to the temporary home will be made public after I have signed the agreement on Monday afternoon.

Obviously the volunteers that have already been at work with clearing the undergrowth already know where we’ll be moving to, and have been doing an amazing job.

This is how it looked before the clearing crew got to work

Look at these before and after photos.  This space at the side of the house has been earmarked for puppies or small dogs.  It’s a safe and enclosed area with trees for shade, and I think they’ll be happy there.

This is the same space after clearing. Hard to believe.....


4 Responses to “Sat 24th April: Halfway there”

  1. Norma Says:

    Although I am not in HK at the moment you are all still upper most in my mind and I am hoping the move will be a smooth transition.
    The temp home looks wonderful and the volunteers are doing an amazing job. Well done to everyone concerned.
    My love and best wishes for all the fund raising events and everything else and I pray that you find wonderful homes for as many of the dogs as possible before the move.
    Sorry I cannot help but I will be back around the 6th May.
    Lots and lots of love. XX

  2. Helen Y Says:

    When is the earliest we can arrive at kennel with car on May 1 and/or May 2? Can dogs be accompanied by volunteers they know in the car if they are not in crates?

    • Sally Says:

      Helen 9am is the earliest time but we are hoping to stagger the times so all the dogs don’t turn up in Tai Po at the same time. We will need a volunteer to accompany each dog, and hopefully to stay with them for a while when they arrive. It’s going to be scary and stressful for the dogs, not to mention the humans!!

  3. kai Says:

    The before and after shots are amazing, I’d never guess there was all that space under those vines!

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