Weds 21st April: The clearing starts

The steps need to be cleared

The first group of volunteers went out to the Tai Po site today to start clearing the undergrowth that covers the huge, terraced garden. We need to at least have access to the steps that run from the bottom to the top, and there’s a huge amount of work involved.  Thanks to everyone who chopped and hacked their way through the long grass and bushes, especially our team leader, Dennis.  There is still a lot of work to be done so if you are free on Saturday to be part of the workforce, please let me know.

Doggie BBQ area - or is it for tea parties?

Today and tomorrow are the last days that I will have reasonably clear, as starting from Friday my timetable is full with everything from media interviews to site visits (both Tai Po and other possible long-term land), sorting, packing and – no doubt – tearing of hair.  There’s so much to do, and all the time the focus for everyone at kennels is adoptions. 

We also need to arrange the dismantling of things like the roofing that we had put up as shelter in the small  field and around the kennels, and the “puppy house” which was installed a few years ago but will come in very handy at Tai Po.  If only there was a magic wand that I could wave and it was all taken care of.

Lucky Sheba left for a new home and life today

Today’s lucky dog was  Sheba, a sweet black and tan mongrel girl who packed her bags and left the kennels for the last time.  Good luck Sheba.

Thursday evening is the Discovery Bay version of the pub quiz night that took place at McSorley’s in Soho on Tuesday, so if you’re a DB resident and want to have fun and support HKDR at the same time, don’t miss this.

Next Wednesday 28th is another evening event at the Coyote Bar in Wanchai where there’ll be all sorts of wild goings on as it’s a full moon and the bar will be mixing up some special cocktails to get the party going.  This will be the last event of our Pokfulam era, so please come and join us to celebrate the four great years we’ve had there, and to raise a glass to the future.  We still don’t know what or where that will be long term, but at least we have the security of a place to go to temporarily thanks to our anonymous new landlord.


4 Responses to “Weds 21st April: The clearing starts”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    BIG THANKS to the landlord – you are my hero!

  2. max Says:

    I cannot found “snowball” the peke on the dog photos. Is he being adopted?

  3. Ivanka Says:

    Hi, Sally!

    You mentioned the need for some furniture earlier.
    We would be happy to part with:
    single armchair/foldout bed, and
    teak garden bench (W120cm x D62cm x H88cm).
    The foldout is almost brand new and could fit in an average car, I brought it home in a taxi.
    The bench is older but in great shape as it has never actually been exposed to the elements a lot — we never had a garden!
    Unfortunately, cannot help out with transportation, we do not have car.
    Is this any good?
    Best wishes always

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