Tues 20th April: It’s Quiz Night!

I have to keep reminding myself that we only have a very short time left to do everything.  We have to prepare the new place, move from the current kennels, home as many dogs as possible, take dogs to and from the vet (and that takes up a lot of precious time now), find a new permanent site, organise the move itself and….. the Quiz Night at McSorleys.

McSorley's starts to fill up

When all of this was in the planning, as part of the Eclipse Group’s big charity fundraising campaign, we didn’t know that the timing would be as appropriate as it turned out to be.  New here we are, on the brink of a whole new stage of HKDR’s life, out there asking for help in any way that people can.

Lovely Cara Grogan lends a hand again

Mark and volunteers confer on quiz answers

I keep saying it but I’m so immensely grateful for the HKDR volunteers who just take care of everything, so that all I have to do is turn up.  It’s a huge relief and I know that they do a far better job of it than I ever would or could. I’m always amazed at the organisation and attention to detail, and all of this happens without me even knowing about it.  While I won’t be attending the Discovery Bay version of tonight’s pub quiz (on Thursday 22nd), I know the volunteers will be there in force as always. (The photos of the quiz night are already up on our Facebook page.  Impressive and fast work from our HKDR Photography Club!)

Our host and Eclipse Group representative, Stephanie, joining in the fun

I also have to mention our office staff, Kathy and Alice,  who are doing double work in the same amount of hours, and Mark who wears almost as many hats as I do.  We’re all juggling our time and tasks, and still seem to be standing still.   Maria, our foster coordinator, is working miracles and I’m not sure how she’s managing it all, while Sandra and Angela are also beavering away behind the scenes trying to organise getting the dogs out and into homes.

So right now we’re also calling on non-regular volunteers because we need as many hands, feet and heads as possible to make the actual move on the weekend of Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd May (this is going to be something worth filming!).  On Monday 3rd I will hand over finally and for ever, and that will be it.  There won’t be a dog or anything else left.  If you can lend a hand in any way, please email Nana at volunteers@hongkongdogrescue.com to register.  Let her know how much time you have (weekdays?) and if you have a car. 

The reason I haven’t made the actual address of the new temporary site known yet is because the place is locked and bolted unless we arrange for someone to open up.  We also haven’t yet completed all the official paperwork (tenancy agreement), so we can’t invite people in just yet.  Please bear with us, as it will only be a short time before we will need everyone there to help.

More than anything at this time we need to get dogs out of the kennels and into homes.  Permanent is obviously best, but even temporary fostering is going to help during the moving period.  Our aim is to be able to make the move with as few dogs as possible, so we can settle in and sort out who will go where and how we can fence off sections to allow all the dogs space to run, while keeping those that don’t like each other separated.  It will be hard to do this once the dogs are already there.

Just as a reminder, this Sunday 25th we will have groups of dogs in various locations around Central, Soho and Stanley, as well as the kennels (of course) and Whiskers’n’Paws.  Full details are posted on our Facebook page and website.


One Response to “Tues 20th April: It’s Quiz Night!”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Hi Sally,
    we have been shouting out at our Facebook site for you to get more ppl to adopt or buy bricks. Hope we have helped a little remotely.
    What is the updated no. of doggies have you got still? They should be interested to have update.
    Good luck!

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