Mon 19th April: Checking out the new place

A group of us went out to the Tai Po property today to make some serious notes about what we need to do to prepare for the big move.  We stopped off on the way to buy some items of gardening equipment so we could get through the overgrown vegetation, and we really needed them.  The place hasn’t been touched for a very long time and the trees and plants have taken over the terraced garden.  So the first thing that needs to be done is a major clearance of the many paths and steps, and volunteer Dennis Yu is going to be the Project Coordinator on this.  Wednesday is going to be the day, and if you are free for some slashing and chopping, please email for details.  It will be a lot of fun and I wish I could be there too, as it’s the sort of thing I love and I’m good at.

After going up and down the stairs and trying to imagibe how everything would work, we eventually decided that rather than have dogs living on the ground floor of the house, this would be our office, shop and volunteer rooms, and the dogs would occupy the upper floor which has direct access to the garden.  It seems funny, and it certainly isn’t a normal “kennel” situation, but I think the dogs will appreciate their new accomodation.  They’ll be asking for televisions and room service next!

We’ll need to put up fences for safety and to section off large and small dogs, and Swire have very kindly donated a huge amount of material from the Pokfulam kennels that won’t be needed any more.  Demolition will start any day on the ex-SPCA side of the road, and the contracters will put aside everything that we have asked to keep, such as gates, fences, doors etc. This will save us a huge amount of time and money, and it’s a much appreciated donation from Swire (thank you!)

One  thing that today’s expedition confirmed is that we really can’t accomodate a huge number of dogs at the site, because although there is a very large amount of outdoor area, it’s all on a steep (terraced) slope which mens we can’t use it for extra kennelling.  The dogs that do move with us will have a great time running and playing in the garden, but we really do need to get more dogs into homes before the end of the month. Today Emily and Savannah were adopted together, which meant double happiness for all of us and two more dogs that we don’t have to worry about.

Although the offer of this lovely property at Tai Po was like a gift from heaven and really came just in the nick of time, we can’t forget that it’s only temporary and the search for a long-term (or hopefully permanent) home continues.  So tomorrow I’m off on the road again, to have a look at another piece of land.  I can’t relax and call off the search even for a while, because even if we find somewhere soon it will take a long time to go through all the applications necessary, not to mention the actual building.  The pressure will be constant until the day we finally move in to what will be our home for a long time to come.

By the time I get back from tomorrow’s site visit it will be time to head over to Soho for the first of our April events, the Pub (pup) quiz at McSorley’s in Soho.  If I look a bit weary and bedraggled, don’t be surprised, just give me a pat on the head and I’ll be fine.  It will be a great evening and lots of fun, and I’m looking forward to it.


6 Responses to “Mon 19th April: Checking out the new place”

  1. karin Says:

    Wish I could there to help – will be back in July for a few weeks so will definitely come and help/walk/visit the dogs. Perhaps can even cycle there from my village in Tai Po – great place to live!

  2. jennifer Says:

    this new temp place in Tai Po reminds me of the movie “hotel for dogs”!!!!

  3. Jasmine Says:

    I thought I might be a good idea since HKDR is being evicted that some dogs (that are not being fostered or adopted) could go to RSPCA or SPCA so the dogs won’t be put down, I want to foster/adopt but my dad is allergic to dogs so it is not possibly do so but just to let you know that HKDR will forever be in my heart. My school is very concerned about the eviction and when my form tutor told us about the eviction everybody looked at me I was so shocked I almost fainted but I didn’t. I think it is really cool that you made HKDR so the dogs have a home insted of alleys and streets. HKDR 4ever!!!


  4. Jasmine Says:

    P.S HKDR now and forever now matter what anybody says !

  5. Pato Says:

    Hi Sally, When will you let us (Volunteer) know the exact new location ? Since I have to find the way how to get there?

  6. Ellen Yiu Says:

    Let’s start fund raising for the site in Sai Kung,
    I really think it’s possible if we can devise some “structure” for the 5000 people $2000 plan.

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