Sun 18th April: The pressure is on

We only have one more Sunday left after today, so the 25th is going to be our final major adoption drive.  We have to home more dogs so that we can accomodate all of those left at our new (and pretty amazing) temporary site in Tai Po.   We’ll be holding mini adoption events at various locations in Central, Soho and Stanley (as well as kennels and Whiskers’n’Paws, of course) so please look out for the details.

This weekend has been a busy one at kennels, with quite a few of our long-termers finally leaving for good.  Burrito’s adoption was confirmed, and Cornish was also one of the lucky ones. Santa, Bounce, Simon and Guinevere joined the list, while funny Choco went off to a foster home.

Vivian is the first puppy ....

One very brave couple who already have a daunting clutch of human puppies, adopted not just one but two of the four-legged variety.  Vivian and Fraggle left from kennels and from Whiskers’n’Paws, so will have to get to know each other as well as the rest of their new family.

Fraggle is the second ....

Meanwhile on Saturday I took back one of the Monkey Pups who was adopted a year ago.  As you may know, I have a real soft spot for this “breed”, and I have four of them on Lamma.  They’re all shy dogs, and while they are happy to be aroud me, and the youngest one is even fine to be picked up

As a young puppy

and cuddled, they are generally too timid to be homeable.  The puppy I called Rachel, and who was re-named Marley, is hardly recognisable now. 

This is Rachel now.

Her coat has grown long and shaggy, and is a beautiful silvery grey with black roots. I think she remembers me as she’s very affectionate, but it’s going to take time for all the other dogs to accept her back into the pack.

Tomorrow (Monday) the moving arrangements start in earnest, and I’ll be going back to Tai Po to start measuring and making mental notes about how we can best use the space.  The “kennels” is actually a large house, but I’m not sure how we can divide it up.  The garden is on a slope, so fencing won’t be easy, and in any case I have wonderful visions of the dogs running freely for the entire day and coming back “home” for their dinner before hitting the sack, exhausted.  The accomodation restriction is the reason for needing to get as many dogs into homes as we can, because it simply won’t be possible to fit everyone into the house without fights if we have too many.

It’s strange to think that very soon everything that has been part of my life for so long will be disappearing.  Of course I will still be going to Pokfulam to take the dogs from the AFCD centre there, but otherwise it will all be gone.  I will see the demolition of the kennels, and the new building going up, and wonder how I will manage to make the trip from Lamma to Tai Po.  I will have to do a lot more of the ferrying from AFCD to vet, so that any new dogs will already be desexed and vaccinated before moving to Tai Po.  Of course the new site will continue to be a Homing Centre once we are in and settled, and I hope it will even be a more convenient and pleasant place for adopters from the New Territories to come and meet the dogs.  Everyone is welcome to come and visit once we are settled.

I hope to see a lot of you at our Pup Quiz event on Tuesday.  It’s at McSorley’s, 55 Elgin Street, Soho and it will be a casual, relaxed and fun evening, so do come along and support us.


5 Responses to “Sun 18th April: The pressure is on”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    It’s 35-40 minute drive from Pokfulam to Tai Po. 20 minutes from Kowloon Tong, 30 minutes from Braemar Hill. Tai Po is not as far as everyone think. It’s green and the air is fresh. For those of you who are thinking to relocate yourself to a more dog-friendly neighbourhood, this is it. And Sally, we will be 10 minutes away from Sheung Shui AFCD.

  2. Diana Says:

    Why was Rachel returned? The family moving and couldn’t keep her?

  3. Rahmeena Karamdin Says:

    Hi Sally, my tears couldn’t stop when I saw your note that Burrito and Cornish were finally adopted. I must say, these are “happy tears”! I have know Burrito since Day 1 when I worked as a volunteer and he’s my favourite baby! Cornish as well (I still remembered her orange-coloured collar!) Thanks for all the hard work that you have done for all the needy dogs and I’m sure they’re all so pleased to have you as their best friend..!

  4. Wing Yee Says:

    I must say, I shed a tear or two when I heard Bounce was adopted. Just one day before this (on saturday), I decided to walk Bounce for the first time. It was like walking a kangaroo on drugs but he was so cute it was all enjoyable. I wish the best to all the adopted dogs and (I mean this in the nicest way possible) I hope I never see them again.

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