Sat 17th April: At last!

At last three of our super special young dogs have been adopted!  Guinivere, sister to Lancelot (still waiting),  funny boy Bilbo, and beautiful Simon.  Others also found homes, but these dogs are ex-Lamma pups so mean a lot to me.  There are still too many left at kennels who spent their baby months at my house, and every day I hope someone will notice them and see what I see.

There’s Amanda, sisters Della and Pia, Trilby, Emily and Lottie, Simon’s brother Joey, Magic, Donovan and Saul …… all “my” babies, and I have a place in my heart for every one of them.

I look at sisters Samba and Burma, affectionately known as Sambaburma because they are never apart, and wonder why they are still with us.  Like bookends, they sit together patiently waiting for someone to give them a pat, and they too spent their early days on Lamma. They’re so beautiful and easy, and they need a home.  Together.

Kira is another one who came to me as a puppy from AFCD, and stayed on Lamma until she was eventually moved to kennels.  Like Sambaburma, she’s a mature lady now and very undemanding, quiet and easy. 

There are too many to name individually, but these next two weeks are their biggest chance at finding the home that has eluded them so far.  The response to our call for adoptions has been wonderful, but still not enough.  I’ll be going to the Tai Po property on Monday to have a proper look at the available space and how we can fit the dogs in, and how many spaces there will be.  The surrounding land is huge, and will make an amazing playground  for the dogs, but it’s all on a steep slope so not suitable for actual living space. The dogs staying in the house will probably have to sleep as they do on Lamma, that is all together like a big dormitory.

The big move will take place over the weekend of Sat 1st and Sunday 2nd of May.  Anyone who can take dogs in cars over to Tai Po, please register at  Those who can help with gardening, sorting and moving bit and pieces in the run-up to that weekend, please email me at  Weekdays would be necessary for at least some of the work as we have a very short time left and need to get going.

If anyone has spare furniture, such as chairs or a sofa/bed, please let me know.  We will have to have human accomodation at the house (and I hope one of our staff members will volunteer to live there).

Hopefully tomorrow will be another big days for adoptions, and I’ll be at Whiskers’n’Paws as usual, of course.  Just for a change, the latest baby pups are at kennels (and some need foster homes), and the group that I’ll have are slightly older at four to five months.  Simply because of lack of space, I haven’t been bringing any more puppies back to Lamma for a while.

Next Sunday 25th will be our big, final adoption drive.  We will have dogs at several venues apart from the kennels and Whiskers’n’Paws, and these will be located in Central, Soho and Stanley.  Of course, if you are one of the volunteers helping with the move the following weekend and you happen to fall in love with the dog you are driving, then feel free to divert to your home!

This is the most crucial time ever for HKDR.  The messages of support, and the donations, have been a tremendous boost, and I would like to thank everyone for stepping forward to offer help.  The last-minute offer of the temporary space was a true godsend, but we still have to find our permanent home.  Even while we’re planning our move to Tai Po, I’ll be out and about looking.


5 Responses to “Sat 17th April: At last!”

  1. Flora Says:

    Did Claire reunion with Jay yet? If not, please advise Claire try to locate Jay at their former home. Dog has the most amazing instinct. I think Jay is running back to home.

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Flora,
      No, sadly Jay is still missing. Claire knows that there is a good chance he will try to get back to his home and people are looking out for him.

  2. Pato Says:

    Hi Sally, when will you let us (volunteer) know the exact new home center location?

  3. jennifer Says:

    i read on the scmp yesterday (sat) abt how the pet relocation company that lost jay is charging (and planning to counter sue) claire!!!!! hopefully jay will turn up soon so he can be reunited!

    our prayers with claire and jay (and all the doggies at HKDR)

  4. Yolanda Says:

    Very happy that Mistral and Bilbo got adopted lately. I have my special heart for the small field dogs as well. If possible, I would have adopt Ticket and Zeb together. Unfortunately, I already have 5 cats in my 600+sq feet apartment; very difficult…….

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