Fri 16th April: Head spinning day

I has such a restless night, happy because we had found a fantastic temporary site at Tai Po, but my mind was full of what needed to be done to make the house and garden usable and safe for the dogs.  It’s not even just the new site that needs planning, it’s also the move from the Pokfulam kennels.  Things need to be sorted, packed, thrown out if not needed, and dismantled if we can use at Tai Po.  There won’t be enough space for all of the dogs, so the adoption drive must continue at full pace. When I finally slept I was woken again by nightmares, so by the time morning came I was still half asleep and with a splitting headache.  I had to leave home by 8am to get to a meeting with Swire, so there was no time to walk the dogs.  They were very unhappy about that arrangement.

The meeting was to discuss the possibility of the Tung Chung site still being a option, and to see if there was any other way that Swire could offer support, at Tung Chung or anywhere else that we thought would suit.  Having their expert advice will be a great help when it come down to the actual nitty gritty of dealing with all of the applications and government departments that come into any land option, and the building of a new Homing Centre.

Meeting over, it was back to Lamma to walk the dogs, always a great way to clear my head and think without interruption.  The quarry where I walk  is due to be taken over by YMCA at some point, and I can’t bear to think that this haven will no longer be available.  It’s been my own private paradise for many years now, and it’s also heaven for the dogs.  All things change I suppose.

Our lovely Marmalade

The kennels are (happily) very busy with potential adopters and foster homes dropping by to meet the dogs.  Our lovely Marmalade finally got a home today, and it’s been a long time coming.  Some volunteers will know her story, but for the newer recruits, Marmalade was brought to us by someone who had been feeding her on the street.  When she first came she just couldn’t stand being in a kennel, and she ran away at the first opportunity.  For a year she lived on Cyberport Road, and was a familiar sight as she trotted up and down the road during the day, from the Bel Air park to her established feeding spot halfway up.  Nancy and Rose, two volunter sisters, were Marmalade’s feeders, and they kept her supplied with chicken and fresh water.  It took all that time for Marmalade to eventually be caught and returned to kennels, and then there was a big sign posted on her door “DO NOT LET MARMALADE OUT. SHE WILL RUN AWAY”.  Finally she settled, and became the dog we all know and love, and now she has a real home of her own (well, shared with a Westie).

Even Muggins, who was an incredibly scared and shy puppy, went off on a trial adoption today!  Wrinky has left for a foster home until he can fly to the UK to start his new life, and Fleur will also be heading off to boarding kennels soon as she prepares to leave for the United States (with Jubbly from Lamma).  For a full list of all the dogs who have found homes please go to our Facebook page (just click on the button).  Hopefully it will be a long one after the weekend!

I hope  Whiskers’n’Paws will be as busy as the kennels on Sunday, as the puppies are growing and I can’t keep them all on Lamma.  We also have the fundraising events starting next week, the first of which takes place on Tuesday evening at McSorley’s in Soho.  Here’s the link:

Followed by a great evening on Wednesday 28th:


2 Responses to “Fri 16th April: Head spinning day”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    sweet marmalade..

  2. rui qi Says:

    !! very nice! that’s great! better than great. all the best to Marmalade, Muggins, Wrinky, Fleur… Fuzzy next!

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