Thurs 15th April: There is hope!

Sorry all, blog will be late today as I have to rush out to an early meeting.

Later: the news you have all been waiting for is that we have been offered a very nice temporary home for our dogs, and when I say “home”, I mean just that.  This is no old piggery or chicken farm, or even a kennel, but a dream house, complete with garden and swimming pool!  As it’s due to be demolished at some time, it doesn’t matter that it might not look quite the same when we move out as it will when we move in, although I hope the dogs will do their best to keep all damage to a minimum.  So the angel we were hoping would arrive turned up in the nick of time, and with more than I’m sure anyone had even guessed at.

There is one major snag, and that is that the house isn’t big enough to hold all of the dogs currently at kennels, so our adoption drive must continue at full pace.  If we can home as many dogs as possible in the coming two weeks, and get as many of the others into fosters as possible, we will have time to prepare the space properly for those that we need to accommodate. 

When I first saw the place I was so blown away and so crazily happy, that I didn’t stop to think of the actual logistics of having all of the dogs running around freely.  Once I had got over the initial excitement, I realised that it would be total mayhem, and without at least an “air lock” at the main gate, every time anyone came in or out the dogs could simply run through.  So we have to have time to put up dividing fences, and places where we can make sure that the dogs are safe and contained when they have to be. 

The house is at Tai Po, and the land is overgrown and will need cutting back before we move the dogs in.  If you fancy a bit of gardening, we can organise a day or two to get teams down (up?) there.  Please bring your own secateurs or shears (as well as a picnic)!

This is also a time when all of those who had offered to help with the actual move (to Tung Chung as we thought at the time) will be needed.  If all goes according to plan, we should be ready to move by the given deadline of 30th April, although I have just asked if the move itself can take place on 1st May, which is both a holiday and a Saturday.  Hopefully the number of dogs will have reduced by that time to a manageable amount, and we will be able to find space for them all.

Some lucky dogs have already left for their new homes, but as this entry is very late and I have to get off to the kennels, please check our Facebook page for details.

Although the pressure if now off in the short term, we will still need to find a permanent or long time space.  We know how quickly the time flies, and starting from scratch (which is almost certainly going to be the case) will mean that it will take a long time to build a new Homing Centre.  I’m immensely grateful for the lifeline that has been thrown to us, but it’s not the end of the search.

We still need homes for the dogs, as many as possible, before the end of the month, and on Sunday 25th April there will be a big adoption drive taking place at several venues simultaneously.  The kennels and Whiskers’n’Paws, are two obvious ones, but there will also be dogs at Central and Stanley.  Details will be posted closer to the time, but this is our last big push before the final day.

Thank you all for the tremendous support you have given, and please keep it up as it’s not over yet.  This is really just the start.


17 Responses to “Thurs 15th April: There is hope!”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Best of luck!

  2. Alison Says:

    wow private swimming pool ! I want to move in 😀
    That is great news, ah frustrating tho as I only recently moved from Taipo so could of volunteered as well, how long have the dog got there before the building is demolished ?

    Sounds like its going to be a doggy party every night!

  3. tinajane Says:

    Fantastic News and well done Sally for keeping your head when all your plans fell apart. Will you be living at the house too or will you have to commute from Tai Po to Lamma?

  4. Helen Y Says:

    Hooray! Sally, after the move, let’s push for the real fund raising for building a permanent homing centre. My cheque, as promised, will be dropped off at the kennel tomorrow when I pick up my foster dog D. And I live in Tai Po. Makes my day… I am so happy and relieved.

  5. Helen Y Says:

    Hooray! After the move, let’s push forward the fund raising campaign for building a permanent homing centre. My cheque, as promised, will be dropped off at the kennel when I pick up my foster D tomorrow. Makes my day.

  6. Ellen Says:

    Please let me know when you need help with chopping down the overgrowth.
    I can also help with some carpentry if needed.
    I will also bring up the 2 dog houses I have for you.

  7. Man Says:

    I live in Tai Po and should be able to help with Gardening of the temp home for sure!

  8. Sarah Says:

    Hi, let me know when you need help clearing the garden. I live in Tung Chung and wanted to help out here but sadly it looks like its not going too happen but I can come up to Tai Po easily enough to help with the clearing which I just love doing…

  9. Ruby Says:

    Hello! I hope the dogs go to nice, happy places, and where they’re going sounds great!!! I’m happy for them.

    I started spreading the word about these dogs, and my dad’s friend is going to adopt 3, even perhaps me! But now that I realize the dogs aren’t going to be killed (honestly, that is what my friend told me) I suppose the chances are that I’m going to adopt one is low. 😦

    Good luck! And I hope the dogs have a wonderful time themselves at their new home!!

    • Ruby Says:

      Actually, he MIGHT adopt them. Eheh…

      So yes, best of luck!

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Ruby,
      Even though we really want and need our dogs to find homes, it’s still important that adopters think carefully about the commitment and what having a dog means. We have already had a few pre-adoption changes of mind, and that’s fine. Far better to realise before taking a dog that you can’t really take care of one, than after adoption. A dog is for life whether you adopt now or at any other time.

  10. Emma Says:

    great news. I’ll be there to move dogs on the 1st.

  11. Pato Says:

    Good news, finally the doggies found a sweet home.

  12. Alex Says:

    I used to be a HKDR dogwalker and I am back to HK after the end of my secondment term in Beijing.

    There are so many happened to HKDR in the past year, and I am happy that there will be temp home for all the lovely doggies. Would of course join the task force to help the moving, and I will drive to Tai Po to continue dog walking!

  13. Norma Says:

    I am so happy for all the dogs and for you Sally as it has been a huge burden on your shoulders. I am sure that you can give a big sigh of relief for now even though you have to press ahead and find a permanent solution.
    May your prayers be answered soon.
    Love to everyone.

  14. joshua Says:

    Hey, such a great news! I wanna join the mover team also, please including me as well!

  15. Branca Says:

    Where about in Tai Po ? I will be happy to help out both the move and the gardening….etc…as I live in Tai Po.

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