Tues 13th April: Countdown: 16 days

The famous HKDR fence: going, going ........

The phone has been ringing off the hook and the emails pouring in, and before anything else I want to thank everyone for showing such incredible support and offers of help.  We are really getting down to the wire in terms of time, and there is a countdown clock on our website homepage which shows the seconds ticking by.  This time we have been told quite categorically  there will be no further extensions granted, and that we must leave the Pokfulam kennels by 30th April.

With such an impossibly short space of time, any temporary solution can’t be a greenfield site, and by that I mean a piece of land which currently has nothing on it in terms of building or utilities.  We’re getting leads about various vacant land options, and are trying to weigh each one up in terms of priority for checking.  If you have emailed and not yet received a reply, please be patient as either myself or someone from HKDR will get back to you.

There are two existing kennel possibilities, and these are obviously of the most interest as it means minimum preparation work required before we can move in.  One of these is for sale and it may be a more viable option than the land we have also been considering.  We are chasing the current owners for full details, and will of course update as we get information.  If we are going to go ahead with this, we will put out a major appeal for donations as that will have to be our focus.  In any case, and whatever we do, we need money to buy or build.   The suggestion that if 2000 people donate just $500 we will reach a million is something worth remembering.   A big thank you to everyone who has already donated, and please be assured that everything will be put towards a new home for the dogs.

Of course even with so much going on there are still dogs and their stories.  I saw a beautiful young German Shepherd at AFCD last week, and although it was microchipped I asked that he be reserved in case the owner didn’t want him.  When I was told he had been officially surrendered I took him out, as I knew he would have a place to go to – California.

I was then contacted by someone who told me his story, a very sad one of the dog having been kept on a boat, alone and chained, fed only occasionally and often left even without water.  The girl who told me about Ah Bo had been feeding him herself, throwing him food when it was difficult to get close to the boat in bad weather.  She pleaded with the owner to let her take Ah Bo, but the man refused, and moved the dog to a small, cramped space on the other side of the boat where he couldn’t be seen.  Despite this, the girl wouldn’t give up, and kept trying to help Ah Bo although getting food to him was very hard.  When he suddenly disappeared, she thought the worst and she may have been right in her thinking had I not spotted him at AFCD.

Despite having had such a terrible life, two-year old Ah Bo is the sweetest boy, and very handsome too.  What dogs endure and still forgive is just incredible.

In the midst of all the current mayhem, there is always still one of them, the person who adopted but now wants to return.  This man took two purebreeds (speaks volumes in itself), a labrador (Honey) and a bulldog (Meatball), and there were already early hints that this wasn’t really the type of home we were looking for when there were continued complaints about Honey’s lack of toilet training.  (Oh sorry, not perfect?)  I explained about our situation and that we were busy trying to get dogs out rather than bringing them back in, and could he please be patient and allow us to do a home-to-home placement, but no, dogs must come back NOW!   So eventually, after Mark having been pestered endlessly by non-stop phone calls about returning Meatball, I insisted that if he was returning one, he must return both.  So back they came, within seconds of the phone call.  Honey already has a potential new home as I knew she would, and I’m willing to bet that they won’t have the same toilet training issues.  Honey was clearly only trying to let them know what she thought.


7 Responses to “Tues 13th April: Countdown: 16 days”

  1. Pet Nutritionist Ching Ching Says:

    Wish the kennel possibility will work out!
    I’m sure you’ll get enough supporter to donate!

  2. Doris Says:

    toilet training issue? maybe it’s part of the dog’s language. My dog used to poo right in the middle of my daughter’s bedroom door when she went out without her. She would go right into the cage (her toilet) for time out the minute we returned. We said NO NO, no goodies and the problem was gone. No point yelling at babies/ toddlers or who/whatever don’t speak.

  3. Ellen Yiu Says:

    Are these two existing kennels available for rent also?
    That will buy us some time while we investigate and do fund raising in the other and better options?

  4. Pato Says:

    What’s a pity to read Ah Bo story. It is highly respect to the girl who fed Ah Bo even in difficulty, hardly understand why Ah Bo ex-owner still kept Ah Bo even not take care Ah Bo, he should let Ah Bo follow the girl instead of torture him. God bless the girl and Ah Bo. BTW is Ah Bo in Pok Ful Lam kennel? I wish I can look after him while I am on shift this Sat.

  5. Jason M Says:


    Can somebody contact me about Ah Bo….I am the owner of who took in Princess and would like to see if I can help out with Ah Bo.


    • Sally Says:

      Jason, Ah Bo has already been fostered and will be heading off for a new life in California just as soon as all the paperwork is sorted out. Thanks for your support.

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