Sun 11th April: Are the holidays over yet?

I’m struggling a bit this morning as the gang of thieves have been at it again.  At Murphy’s invitation, Minky, Sparkle and their new accomplice, Little, raided my bedroom and destroyed another pair of reading glasses as well as various socks and miscellaneous items.  They have also taken to dragging clothes off shelves and taking them to the bed for a multiple tug’o’war game. Murphy is the ringleader, but as much as it totally infuriates me I can’t get angry with him.  The way he creeps towards me in slow motion, head down, and an unspoken “sorry” on his face just makes me laugh.  I just wish they would stop, that’s all.

Boo is still waiting for a home. You won't find a kinder puppy than her

As feared, the holiday break was still affecting the adoption “business” today, and I just hope that it will be the last quiet Sunday, at least until the traditonal summer exodus starts.  I thought it would be a total washout at Whiskers’n’Paws, even though I had taken all of the puppies and there was a huge choice (they have such fun there that it’s a treat for them even if they don’t get adopted).  It was almost packing up time when two baby pups who had come over from the kennels were adopted together.  They are the stubby-tailed pair, and they have now gone off to live in a big house with a huge garden.  That’s the bit I love, the rags to riches story.  From facing imminent death at AFCD to living the high life.  Yeah!

Mistral as she was when she first came off Dog Island

Mistral’s is another lovely story.  I took her off “Dog Island” some months ago when she was still a puppy, and I’m sure she is from the same family as Bart, which means Missy and Misto are her (great) grandparents.  In fact Bart was in the running (once again) when potential adopters came to kennels today and chose Mistral instead.  I do hope Mistral is accepted by the resident dog, as she is a sweet and lovely girl, and it would be such a shame if it didnt work out.

One day it will be Bart’s turn.

This was Bart and his sisters when they were babies on Lamma. Why didn't Bart find a home?

Iggy is another dog that needs and deserves a home.  He somehow ended up at AFCD and was sharing a kennel there with a bouncy and ultra-friendly five month sharpei cross puppy.  I thought they were from the same place until it came to getting the license and microchip done, and I found that Iggy had already been desexed so he must have been someone’s pet dog before.  Being only medium sized, he wasn’t the puppy I first thought he was, so when a foster home came up for a dog that fitted Iggy’s description, I immediately suggested him.  It turns out that my assumptions about him were spot on, as he is a very sweet and easygoing young boy, fully toilet trained, and a perfect gentleman.  His current home really is only temporary, but it’s good to know that he is all that anyone could be looking for in a family dog so he can jump straight into our Top 30 list.

Simon is so beautiful

To be honest, the Top 30 is a mythical list as when we all tried to agree on the dogs that should be on it, the list ran into about 100 dogs!  We all have our top favourites, and when yet another name came up to be added, the whole thing fell apart.  In theory we tried to compile a list of our best and easiest dogs, but there are too many.  How can I choose between all of the ex-Lamma doglets knowing, for example, that Donovan’s sister, Stella, turned into the most wonderful dog when she was adopted by Deb, one of our long-standing volunteers?  There’s Lottie, who still goes crazy every time she sees me.  The brothers Simon (so beautiful), Joey (so cute) and Piers (currently in foster after breaking his leg).  All wonderful dogs.  Magic, a super-sweet boy who was adopted as a puppy and then returned because of family allergies.  Not his fault, but he missed the chance of finding a permanent homes while he was still young enough to be cute.  Then all of the doglets in the small field.  I honestly love them all, and couldn’t choose if I had to.

I was hoping that the story about our impending move from Pokfulam, and the disappointment in finding that the Tung Chung site wasn’t going to work, would be in today’s Sunday Post, but it got squeezed out.  I will have to wait to see if it made Monday’s SCMP.  Update:  Story is in today’s (Monday) SCMP and Swire have confirmed end of April as the final day HKDR must leave Pokfulam Kennels.


19 Responses to “Sun 11th April: Are the holidays over yet?”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    Is Bart the one lying down??

  2. Winnie Hung Says:

    Mistral is my favourite dog! I just love her, very sweet and lovely. Yesterday I was to walk Remy but Mistral was so happy to see me and kept ‘climbling’ me. Hard to resist her though it’s her second walk in pm. When I was walking them, Alice (with the potential adopters) asked if I could ‘lend’ her Mistral. That’s how they met. ‘Pre-destined affinity’ I would say. Let’s hope she gets along with the other dog well! Good luck Sweetie Mistral I will miss you loads x

    Turning to the move of kennel, I just wonder if anyone among us may have connection with tycoons like Richard Li. 9 million is perhaps a peanut to hm. If he would help by buying the land, a big ceremony will be launched – to let the public know how generous he is. Let’s look forward to the ‘Pre-destined affinity’!

    • Sally Says:

      I’m so happy for Mistral too, and thank you for your lovely comments about her.

      Yes, I know there are plenty of very wealthy people in Hong Kong who wouldn’t miss a few million! We just need to catch their attention and hope that they are dog lovers and will listen to our story.

  3. Cheryl Kwok Says:

    I don’t understand why Swire don’t just “donate” a space/money for another site. They’re not exactly hurting for money and they could write it off as a charity for taxes couldn’t they? Isn’t there anyone up there in Management who can decide on something as important as this?
    Can you imagine what it would do for their PR? Or maybe one of the other property developers would come forward and help out?

  4. Helen Says:

    $10,000,000 may seem To be a hard goal to reach but if there are 2000 of us each willing to pledge $5000 – then we can get a permanent site. Perhaps something with a financial institute can be worked out for an installment plan – this is big business for them too – if PAVC can have installments we can too. I am not rich but I will start to be the first pledge.

    • Sally Says:

      Helen, that is a great idea and a very generous pledge. We can break it down even further. If 5000 people can donate, then that means less per person. And yes, I’m working hard right now to get this out to every single media outlet in Hong Kong as there are many people who may be willing to help if only they knew about our situation.

      Thank you!

      • Ellen Yiu Says:

        Would that make it 5000 people, $2000 each?
        Helen, that sounds like a wonderful idea!

        Sally, if that’s really something that’s feasible, can you please ask your fund raising team to draft up some leaflets and forms?

        I would suggest offering some form of a permanant plaque at the new kennels with names of “foundation” members of those who donated for the site (people love that sort of thing!)

        Also, is it possible get a mortgage on the land in Sai Kung?
        That will give us more time to do fund raising!

      • Sally Says:

        We can’t get a mortgage because we don’t have an income. I checked this out some time ago. But regarding many, small donations, it’s a great idea.

  5. Jesslyn Cheong Says:

    I think that HKDR should try to post the news on the chinese newspapers like SingTao, MingPao and AppleDaily which most of the HK people reads. And if possible, posting at free newspapers like HKHeadline and am730 would be even better, since most housing estates have them free every morning, and they are also available at MTR stations, many people read them every morning, and posting our story on it would certainly help with HKDR’s publicity.

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, we will be contacting all media outlets to get the story circulated as widely as possible. If anyone has contacts please feel free to forward the information and ask anyone to contact me.

  6. jerry Says:

    HKMag may do an urgent story about all this if you, Sally. ask them through the publisher you know — for those who don’t already know they have been a long time supporter of animal welfare with free ad space Jerry

  7. Renata Says:

    Hi Sally,

    I’ve sent a plea for help to everyone (teachers included!) at my school – hope it’ll yield something. Fingers crossed that somewhere out there there’s land/money/170 homes/all of the above.

    All the best.

  8. whitedusk Says:

    Hi Sally,

    I think you need one particular page to describe your plight (and/or that of the dogs) so that we can link our site/blog/FB page to it. Preferably if you can have a donate button easily accessible on that site so that people can donate easily.

    I will link to that page on my blog, FB, MSN… I think the network effect of everyone reading this blog and the FB page will be tremendous. I’m also studying part-time MSc in HKUST so I should be able to get a few affluent classmates to help out.

    P.S. HKers are not poor. People are afraid of getting cheated. So a bit of visibility on whatever donations collected and the authenticity of HKDR will go far in helping any donation drive~

    Best Regards and good luck~
    Whitedusk with this pups

  9. Liz Says:

    Or you could look at it this way, HK, with a population of 7-8 million, and with each person giving just $1 then that would be more than enough and with a bit extra.

    How about spreading the word by, none other than, Facebook! We’ve all got at least a few hundred friends who’ve got a few hundred friends and so on!

  10. Rebecca Nunan Says:

    I am so sad to hear about the plight of these beautiful dogs. I wish there were more i could do to make sure all these dogs get a secured and wonderful home.

  11. Sue Says:

    May be we should use headline such as “Biggest healthy dog massacre in modern HK history?” to draw the media attention.

    I am really disappointed that the government seemed to give you so late notice. I am also disappointed that there are so many wealthy people in HK who can afford to eg buying Italian truffles, latest models of expensive designers cars or handbags or English premier football club for $$$$$$$ but won’t use their money for something meaningful.

    • Sally Says:

      It isn’t the government’s fault this time, in fact they responded very quickly to the applications.
      My personal perspective on life and what’s important has changed totally since I set up HKDR. Apart from the fact that I have no time for shopping, and no use for fancy clothes, shoes or bags, I’m also sad to see that people will forego even the basics, and get into debt, so that they can buy the latest “must have” designer handbag. It is meaningless. But everyone (other than those who have nothing) has choice and the freedom to do what they like with their own money.

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