Sat 10th April: Still very quiet

It seems that the Easter holiday break still isn’t over for a lot of people as everywhere is still very quiet, and there is far less traffic on the roads than usual.  Weekends are normally buzzing at kennels as it’s an obvious time for adopters to come and meet dogs, but today only the new corgi found a home.  I was fairly confident that he would be an in-and-out dog, as corgis are very popular (at the moment) and he is an exceptionally sweet dog.  Lucky boy.

I was also expecting the new terrier to go, as he is another lovely little dog – and smart too.  Within minutes of arriving he had demonstrated how he can open a baby gate and let himself out.  It’s easy, you just put your nose under the top bar, lift, and the gate opens!  He reminds me of Murphy, my own smart Wanchai terrier (except the new boy doesn’t threaten people like Murphy does!)

Ninja, be a good boy

Lovely Ninja got a second chance today when he left for a foster home.  He came back very quickly the last time he was chosen, so we have our fingers tightly crossed that he will be given time to settle and show what a sweet boy he is.

I can also keep a track of what going on by monitoring my blog readership, which was at a steady 1500+ until Easter came along, and then Ching Ming. Although numbers are climbing up again, they haven’t got back to the pre-holiday highs.  Even the announcement regarding the non-move to Lantau was missed by a lot of regular readers judging by the question “when will you be moving to Tung Chung?” still appearing.

The answer (again) to that question is that as much as we would love to move to Tung Chung, it is highly unlikely that it will now be possible due to the eco-sensitivity of both the land itself and the stream that runs alongside it.  As previously reported, it has left us in the position of having nowhere to move to by the end of this month when we are expected to leave Pokfulam.  I will continue to update on the situation as anything develops.

What will remain unchanged are my visits to AFCD in Pokfulam, and the Sunday puppy adoption afternoons at Whiskers’n’Paws.  I will continue to foster young puppies on Lamma so they will be available to make the sampan trip over to Ap Lei Chau for their regular “date with destiny”.

We will still be continuing with all of our fundraising efforts, of course, as where ever we move to we will need to build new kennels.  This month we have three fun events, the first of which is a pub (pup?) quiz which will take place on Tuesday 20th April at McSorleys, 55 Elgin Street, Soho.  The evening is a light-hearted and casual one, and is an opportunity for all our dog-loving friends and supporters to share stories and a glass of wine (or beer).  McSorleys in Disocvery Bay will host another quiz on Thursday 22nd, as we know there are a lot of dog owners living there who would prefer an “at home” evening.  There will be lots of prizes to be won just to add to the occasion.

I just received an update on Sam, the dog that was rescued the day after he was almost saved from a rubbish bin.  He has heartworm (no surprise), and also screw worm, what I feared after seeing his open wounds.  His teeth are rotten and literally falling out, so many of them have been removed.  He’s being treated, of course, and he has a sponsor taking care of the medical costs.  I’m so glad he’s now safe, and can only imagine what life was like for him before.  There are so many dogs like Sam, but it was obviously his time.

This photo has got nothing to to with HKDR but is funny anyway!


4 Responses to “Sat 10th April: Still very quiet”

  1. jennifer Says:

    how is it that they’re giving us notice that we can’t use the land anymore so late in time!?

    • Sally Says:

      We have only had the land since February, and the applications take time to be processed. We haven’t been told that we can’t use the land, but there are objections from various departments which, because of their nature, would take a long time to overcome, if at all.

  2. Preston Says:


    How can those who would like to help search for the missing dog near the airport help? has it been seen anywhere? did it know the trails around that area well? is it realistic to think he could’ve headed back to Disco Bay?

  3. Sandra Says:

    Fantastic news about Ninja!

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