Weds 7th April: Every dog has its day

I got a call from a fellow dog-rescuer telling me that a mutual acquaintance had picked up a stray dog in the New Territories and was asking for help.  My friend started describing the dog as a sharpei type, but very thin and with cuts and wounds on its body.  I told her about the dog that we had seen the previous day, the one in the rubbish bin, and how similar they sounded.  It was when she also said that his teeth were worn and broken that I knew for sure that it was indeed the same dog, and this was clearly his time to be rescued.  It must be more than coincidence that out of all the hundreds (or even thousands) of stray dogs in the NT, this one popped up twice in two days. So Sam, as he is now called, is currently being treated for his injuries and will then move to the kennels where he was originally meant to be staying while he gains weight and condition.  He’s extremely friendly, but true to his sharpei roots not great with other dogs. 


It wasn’t much of a surprise that one of the kennel puppies found a home today as he’s a real cutie.  Cream and fluffy, with one ear perched on top of his head like a lopsided hat, and the other perfectly in place.  His brother looks completely different, although both look as though they’re going to be big dogs when grown.

The brother

We have quite a selection of young puppies at kennels now, as I finally had to say no to any more on Lamma, at least for the time being and until I can move some of the current batch out (and into homes).  There’s a whole range of ‘styles’ and colours, including two stubby-tailed babies who must have inherited their tailless genes from some long-ago bulldog-type relative. All photos of the kennel puppies are posted on our HKDR Facebook page (click on the button on the right had side of this page to access).

There are a pair of these small pups. They look quite Jack Russell-ish

Although bulldogs are born with their stunted and twisted tails, the other breeds that have short or non-existent tails, such as the cocker spaniel and rottweiler, have had their natural tails docked.  This is now illegal in at least some, if not all, European countries, and it’s so lovely to see poodles and Jack Russells and all the other mutilated breeds being left in their natural state.  Tails are for wagging, not chopping!

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by, maybe because we’ve been under pressure regarding the impending kennel move and knowing that time is running out for the Pokfulam site.  I know that there has been no recent news about the new kennels, which will be re-named the HKDR Homing Centre, and that’s because we have run into difficulties with the land that was going to be the dogs’ new home.  We are desperately hoping that all matters can eventually be resolved, but at this point it’s not looking hopeful and we are facing the real prospect of having to leave without anywhere to go.  I’m pulling out all the stops to try to find an alternative solution, but believe me it’s not easy.  We have been looking for a new site for three years now, and we have just three weeks left………


3 Responses to “Weds 7th April: Every dog has its day”

  1. max Says:

    great to hear SAM stays in a safe place now! thanks!

  2. Liz Says:

    Hi Sally,
    Until the new site is ready, what are the options? Find foster homes for all dogs/puppies currently staying at the site? Find a place large enough to keep all of them (and with adequate shelter)? I’m sure space is already an issue at other organizations, but could they possibly make space for at least a few dogs?
    Wish I could help find a solution…

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Liz,
      I know all of the organistaions are are total capacity too, and I don’t think it’s fair to burden them with more dogs. After all it was my decision to take these dogs in and I know there are those who say I shouldn’t take/have taken any more dogs. These comments are always made by people who never work directly with the dogs, or go to AFCD, so very easy to say when emotions and feelings don’t come into it.

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