Tues 6th April: Welcome back!

I’m quite relieved that this is the last day of the holiday as it means life can get back to normal.  It’s not that there’s been any change in kennel routine, but so many people have taken advantage of the five day break that adoptions have been very slow, and all we have really seen is returns.  Today’s was Woody the schnauzer, and I believe he came back because he peed a couple of times inside.  Wow, that’s really serious.  The sad thing is that this has never been a problem with Woody before, but rather than either taking him out more often or maybe taking him to a vet to see if there was a bladder problem, the first response was to throw him out.  These people were very lucky that I wasn’t there at the time.

Instead of that, I was once again out and about in the New Territories, this time visiting a kennel facility near Yuen Long. As we were driving through a typical New Territories Village on the way to the kennels, I noticed a head bobbing up and down inside  a large rubbish bin at the side of the road, the communal trash collection point.  We stopped the car and got out to have a look, and found a very sad-looking sharpei cross inside the bin, rummaging around looking for something to eat.  The poor dog was very thin with cuts and open wounds on his bony body.  I had half a baguette in the car, the remains of my lunch, so I quickly grabbed it and gave it to the dog.  He seemed to be a very friendly guy, and we weren’t sure whether he had jumped into the bin or whether he had been dumped in there.  It looked like a big jump for him, especially given his weak condition.

The three of us agreed that this dog needed help, but what to do?  First thing was to get to the kennels and buy a collar, leash and some food, and to find out if they could accomodate the dog while he was recovering.  That done, and with the kennels agreeing to board the dog, we headed back to the village and the bins only to find the dog had disappeared.  He’s probably a local stray, but we felt bad because the wounds needed attention and there is a high risk that they will be infected with the dreaded screw worm.

These dogs are sadly everywhere in the New Territories, and it’s one of the reasons why I really don’t like driving around up there.  There’s not a single place where you won’t see a scrawny mother dog with long teats, and several puppies running around.  I’m guessing that few of the pups make it through to adulthood, but if they do survive the females will themselves be mothers within a very short time.  And so it continues, the never-ending cycle.

The search for Jay, lost at the airport when his crate was carelessly opened in the carpark shortly before his flight to the UK, continues with no sign or sighting yet.  There have been a couple of leads, obviously being followed up by owner Claire, but the holidays have meant many offices have been closed and key people away, so it’s been an incredibly frustrating time for Claire.  There are a lot of questions to be answered about why this happened but the main focus is to find Jay and relieve Claire’s anguish.

As so many people have been away I just want to remind everyone that the old HKDR Facebook Fan Page has move to a new FB page as Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) and you can access this very easily by clicking on the button on the right hand side of this page.

Is it a Pub, Pup or Pug quiz?

We have three fundraising events this month, click here for details on the website, and they are on Facebook as well. Just briefly, we will be hosting two pub Dog Quiz evenings, the first of which is on Tuesday 20th April at McSorley’s, 55 Elgin Street Soho.  The second quiz is also at McSorley’s but at the Discovery Bay location, and this will take place on Thursday 22nd April.  There will be lots of great prizes to be won and it will also be a lot of fun, so come along and test your doggie knowledge.

Here’s a teaser (an easy one to start). What breed are these dogs?


6 Responses to “Tues 6th April: Welcome back!”

  1. Pei Says:

    French bulldogs!

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Pei,
      Correct! One of the French bulldog photos was taken from a breeder website and the other was a puppy homed by us a couple of years ago. They’re almost identical, aren’t they? It just goes to show you don’t need to go to pet shops to get purebreeds is that’s what you’re looking for.

      • Pei Says:

        yeap, i just wish more people out there were educated about that!

        about woody, it’s very upsetting that people give up on the little souls they’d promised to care for forever at the first sign of any difficulty. i’ve had gizmo for months now, and had similar issues with him up until recently, and it was very frustrating for a while since i couldn’t quite figure out how to solve the problem (which definitely wasn’t a medical one). over the last month however, it seemed like a switch just flipped in his brain and he’s stopped random pees indoors and has learned to hold them till he’s taken on his multiple daily walks. am beyond thrilled, and he now gets extra kisses for the clean floors 🙂

        i wish his owners had stuck with it/him…perhaps they’d realize that he’s worth it.

  2. Pet Nutritionist Ching Ching Says:

    Isn’t it sad that Woody was returned just because of a few accidents in the house?
    They should have asked HKDR for advise , take him to the vet for a check-up, or give him few more days to see if it was due to stress or adjustment to the new environment…
    well.. it can be a blessing in disguise since in a long run, this family won’t be a good home for Woody anyway.. better to have Woody returned now than later..

    • Sally Says:

      In fact Woody had been in that home for a while but yes, I agree, it’s better that dogs come back if they’re not welcome.

  3. Doris Says:

    I am sure these people peed and wet the floor more when they were toddlers. Wonder why their parents didn’t throw them out of the house.

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