Sat 3rd April: All quiet in town

I’ve just had an unprecedented two days off, at least from kennels. It’s been very quiet around town, and it’s actually frustrating for those of us not in the sort of work where holidays are greeted with a Yay!  No work today!  For HKDR it’s always a concern regarding enough volunteer cover and fewer dogs being adopted, as well as not being able to get anything done which requires offices to be open.  The first quarter of every year includes New Year, Chinese New Year, Easter and Ching Ming, and from my perspective at least every holiday seems to lead straight into another.

Six month Abby, still very much a baby sausage dog

It was such a quiet day at kennels that even the dachshund puppy, Abby, and young poodle girl, Flossy, didn’t find homes.  Usually these types of dog hardly have time to say hello before walking out of the gates with their new families.

Lovely poodle cross, Flossy.

At least I had time to shave the rest of Holly’s body so she doesn’t look quite as strange as she did after the first attempt, but now that the weather is so awful I’ve left her legs and head as boots and a hat.

Pancake is now in a foster home but still available for adoption

The pug, Pancake, has taken poor Kes’s place at volunteer Clio’s home, so he is happy now.  He’s such a cute young boy, and pugs are always funny anyway.  How can you not love those froggy faces and the snuffling kisses they give?

Facebook is one thing that never seems to be affected by holidays, and it’s something that we’re always busy working on, as well as our website.  We have now completely made the move from the old Facebook Fan page to the new Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) page, a move that was made necessary because of outside interference.  If you haven’t already joined it’s easy to do,  just click on the Facebook icon at the side of the page.

Newly posted on our Facebook page and website are details of the Pub Quiz nights on 20th April at McSorley’s in Soho, and 22nd April at McSorley’s in Discovery Bay.  These will be a lot of fun, and there are great prizes to be won too, so come and join us.

Just a footnote to update on the Jay situation.  He still hasn’t been found but I know there are a lot of people out there today looking for him.  He may be trying to find his way back to Discovery Bay, but could be anywhere between Tung Chung and the rest of Lantau.  I’m sure everyone wishes Claire the best of luck, and hope that this terrible situation will soon be over.


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