Fri 2nd April: Not quite a close shave

Peke Kes - sweet dreams little man

The day started with both a splitting headache and some very sad news from Clio, one of our volunteers who had taken peke Kes home from hospital to see if it would encourage him to eat.  The vet had called me to say that he was refusing all food and was clearly very unhappy.  Being in a cage affects some dogs a lot, so I agreed that trying him in a foster home was better than trying to force feed him, especially as he was in pain.  The vet really didn’t know what the problem was, as his bad teeth had been removed and X-rays showed nothing obvious (that was visible, anyway).  Kes died in the morning, and the only good thing about it was that he was no longer in the awful pain he had been suffering.  I feel so bad, and so sad about poor Kes, the sweetest boy, and such a happy dog when he came to us.  We still don’t know what happened, but his rotten teeth appear to have created the problem and most likely abcesses.

Then there was Jay, the German shepherd cross who escaped from his crate at the airport (car park, I believe), as he was leaving to start a new life in England with his adopter, Claire.  Jay is still missing and Claire is still here looking for him, and I know there are a lot of people trying to help.  Claire and Jay lived in Discovery Bay, so it’s quite likely that Jay will try to make his way back there if he can.  He’ll be living on his wits now, scared, hungry and confused, so if anyone spots him please call Claire on 91347390 and don’t try to approach or catch him yourself.  He’s wearing a blue collar and a yellow scarf, so should be reasonably easy to identify.

I was relieved to learn from Kathy that there was a full quota of staff and volunteers at kennels today, as I wanted to stay home and do some work. It didn’t help the morning disasters (or my headache), to get an email from someone wanting to send a dog to us that he had adopted a few months ago because it had chewed through some (expensive) computer cables.  With no details, I had to call to find out that it was Tina, a small-sized mongrel adopted from HKDR in January, and she was now being tied up to stop her from chewing more stuff  and was, surprise, very stressed and losing her hair.  I know all about that and how it feels, even though I’m not actually being tied up.  I told the guy in no uncertain terms that he should bring Tina back.  I can’t bear to think of  sweet little Tina living that way.  I don’t take dogs from AFCD to have them adopted by someone whose first reaction to a problem is to give the dog up, rather than ask for some training help (which is always offered and available).

Lita found a home today

There’s almost always good news to help balance out the bad (or none of us would be doing this), and today’s was that doglet Lita was adopted.  She and her sister, Darka, were almost identical and the only way to distinguish them was that one was slightly lighter in colour than the other.  Hence their rather odd names.  Darka was adopted some time ago, so it was lovely to see Lita find a home at last.

Being at home and having some time to do it, I decided to give one of my dogs a shave.  Holly is now about eight years old and was one of a litter born to some local stray dogs living in a nearby abandoned village.  I had been taking puppies from this mother and rehoming them for some years, and after Holly’s litter eventually managed to get the mother desexed, although I gather there are again many (breeding) strays back there.  I don’t walk that way with my dogs any more so don’t see them, luckily. 

Anyway, Holly was the only puppy from her litter not adopted so she stayed with me.  She’s an unusual looking dog, chocolate brown  and a white heart-shape on her chest.  Her coat is so thick and dense that it takes a long time for it to dry after swimming (which is daily), and I have to apply buckets of Frontline for it to penetrate and have any effect.  With every spring she moults handfuls of hair, and brushing takes forever.  So today I got the clippers out and started to shave her.  I had to do it in layers, first the top, then a bit more, and finally I could see skin.  I worked at it for quite a while but this was the result.  I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

Holly half shaved


2 Responses to “Fri 2nd April: Not quite a close shave”

  1. Sonia Says:

    Rest in peace Kes – he was the sweetest dog and very playful when he first came to HKDR. This shows how important it is to keep canine teeth clean – it can lead to heart problems etc.

  2. Norma M Says:

    Holly Ha!

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