Thurs 1st April: Jay is lost at the airport

I missed the chance to play any April Fool jokes in the morning, but did at least get a few people wound up in the afternoon when I told them that there was an entire litter of ten 5-week old Tibetan Mastiffs at AFCD …… actually there was only one pug, a lovely 1-year old boy with demodex (mange), surrendered because of his skin condition.  Hadn’t these people considered treating the problem instead of just throwing the dog away?  Anyway, I consider the pug lucky because obviously his ex-owners didn’t care much for him and he will find a much better home now. 

I took the newly-named Pancake to the vet straight away, and throughout the taxi ride he was wrestling with the (open) carry bag, squealing and snuffling, jumping round and digging in both the bag and me as if there was some buried treasure under my T-shirt.  As soon as we arrived at the vet, he immediately transformed into the best-behaved little dog who sat quietly at my feet, and stood meekly on the consult table as he was scraped and injected.  As soon as we got back into the taxi for the ride home, the Bag Devil reappeared, and he once again started his antics with the bag and me. It was a relief when I got back to the kennels and put him in the office to play with the new, 6-month old dachshund girl.  Both she and Pancake will easily find homes as they are young, adorable and, of course, purebreeds.

If you have already been on Facebook this morning you may already know about the disaster that happened at the airport last night when Jay, an ex-HKDR dog who was just about to board his flight for England, escaped from his travel crate when someone opened the door to put water in or take it out, not sure of the actual details.   What’s important is that Jay is still out there somewhere, obviously having missed the flight, and both he and his owner, Claire, are searching for each other. 

What is surprising is that this apparently happens about once a year, and the last time it took three months for the dog to turn up, in the middle of Tung Chung.  If it happens, why?  Why are crate doors opened in areas where dogs can just run out and disappear?  It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but why isn’t this done in a confined area? I can’t imagine the stress that both Jay and Claire are going through.  Claire has already had to cancel her flight, and how long do you keep looking knowing that the previous dog was lost for three months?  It’s a terrible situation to be in and I feel for both of them.

Sweet Ruby has a forever home now

Two golden retrievers found new homes today, one being Ruby who was already in foster with her now-adopter, and the other a newly-surrendered boy, Nigel, who was with us a very short time.  The sad case that I took from AFCD the other day also has an offer of a foster home, which I’m very pleased about.  This poor guy is in a bad way, sleeping almost 24 hours a day, and even peeing in his bed if not woken to be taken outside.  Something is obviously very wrong with him, and he will have to undergo some more tests to see if the problem can be found.  I hope so, as he’s still quite young and is a very sweet dog.

With five days of holidays over this Easter and Ching Ming period, I’m not sure whether it’s going to be a good time for adoptions or very slow.  Of course I’m hoping it’s going to be crazy-busy, but I’ll find out later.  We’re open every day, so come and walk the dogs if you’re a volunteer and have some time.  The dogs love going out, and I know there are some lucky ones heading out for long hikes over the weekend.  I just wish they could all go.


6 Responses to “Thurs 1st April: Jay is lost at the airport”

  1. nancy newell Says:

    What adorable pups; thank heavans for unselfish, loving people that do adopt! At present we have 2 cats (one rescued) & 2 wonderful dogs; oh, I must not forget our parrot, Romeo(we purchased him after his owner died of cancer. when he came to us he had a wheeze due to his owner being a smoker. His wheeze is barely audible now, 6 yrs. later. I help with rescues when needed. I would love to have Sally but, we are “full Up” with pets! Keep up the good job! I’m in the hot Texas weather and leave notes on windshields on cars when people leave dogs in cars. then if I’m at a shopping ctr. I go shop to shop to find the owner & also get the security guard to help if one is available! Let’s use common sense with our pets. My vet says if it’s too hot for you it is too hot or cold for your pet, if the situation is reversed. Let’s love them, like they love us!

    Nancy Newell
    Ex-Flight Attendant

  2. Norma M Says:

    Well I would have fallen for the Tibetan Mastiffs story because anything is possible.
    Did you see the story a week back in SCMP? The latest in China is to have a Farrari, dolly girl on the arm and a Tibetan Mastiff.
    The guy interviewed admitted to having TWENTY as a status symbol but added he was not a dog lover and did not even pet the dogs or have anything to do with them. Just left it to the staff to control!!!!!!!!!
    Please people be responsible and do not follow foolish fashion trends.

    • Sally Says:

      Yes I saw that story and we already know that Tibetan mastiffs are starting to appear. Even baby puppies. The guy who has 20 of them is obviously compensating for a distinct lack of something else in his life. Like brains for a start.

  3. DL Says:

    oh, oh poor Jay and Claire! I really hope Jay can be found soon.

    • Sally Says:

      I’m sure anyone with dogs can feel total sympathy for both Jay and Claire. What an awful thing to happen. The only positive is that Jay lived in Discovery Bay and will very likely try to find his way back home.

  4. Randhir Says:

    My family and I feel so happy to have Nigel with us..he’s an absolute joy and the kids love him to bits! he’s really blossomed.
    Thanks Sally

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