Weds 31st March: All sorts

It was one of those days today, with a lot of things to do and a rush to fit it all in.  I had planned to send one of my Lamma dogs, Donald, to the vet for an X-ray and possible surgery, suspecting that he had the same type of injury as Buddy.  Whatever caused his lameness happened a long time ago, and he has been to the vet before but he was so scared and so tense that it was impossible for the vet to even guess what the problem was.  She couldn’t move his leg back and forth to test mobility and pain because it was rigid with fear.  Guessing it was a foot problem Donald was sent home with some pain relief to see if things improved, but they haven’t.

Donald was the poster boy for "This Darling Life" before he has his accident

In any case, it didn’t work out as planned (what a surprise!) as another dog had to go in Donald’s place.  Mercy,  one of my scaredy dogs (meaning she’s ultra timid), had also had an accident and was virtually unable to walk.  It looked as though two legs were affected, so she couldn’t even hop.  Feeling this was more urgent than Donald’s case (as his was old), Mercy was packed up in a travel crate for her trip to the vet at Tin Hau.

I had arranged to meet Apple’s adopter at AFCD at 2pm to help get her out of her kennel, microchipped and rabies vaccinated, ready to start her new life. The timing was tight because I also had an appointment at 2.30pm with Claudia, the photographer for this year’s Tribute Book, to do my own photos, and after that yet another meeting at 3pm.

I made sure I was at AFCD bang on 2pm, and hung around until I couldn’t wait any longer.  Leaving Kathy to deal with Apple’s case, I quickly changed my T-shirt for the photo shoot and chose two dogs to join me.  Actually they volunteered themselves, as all I did was open the gate to the small field a crack, and Conrad and Lottie were the first to push through.  As it turned out they were perfect candidates, being light enough in colour to stand out and very different in looks.  We went to a nearby stream for the photo shoot, and the two dogs had the time of their lives running up and down the nearly-dry riverbed, with Conrad leaping in the air to catch passing butterflies.  In fact both Claudia and I enjoyed watching the dogs so much that we wanted to stay longer, but knowing I had another meeting at 3pm we had to call the dogs back and head off for the kennels.

Puppy Bucket, one of the many puppies now at kennels waiting for homes

It’s always a bit of a risk arranging meetings at the kennels office because it’s not like any normal office.  First you have to pass by the group of puppies that currently occupy the space between the office itself and the washroom (Garland, Bucket, Marty and Genie), and then the office itself always has at least a handful of small assistants, currently Luca (long term), Steve and Blinky (white pekes), Zidane the basenji and Pinny, the twice-surrendered mini pin (who is doing very well and is my new best friend).  Oh, I almost forgot two scaredy pups who are usually hiding under a desk.

Some people find it all a bit daunting, but not today’s visitors, Christine and Vivian, representatives of the group of ladies who put on the sale of designer clothes to raise funds for our new Homing Centre.  They came with news of the final tally for the two weekends’ efforts, a stunning half a million dollars! I would have fallen off my chair if there had been any space on the floor for me to land on, so all I could do was say thank you (a lot).  This money will be kept until we are ready to use it, and will go towards building a special isolation kennel for sick dogs and puppies at our new Centre.  What an amazing donation.

It wasn’t until the two ladies had left that Kathy staggered in, having been at AFCD all this time trying to help with Apple, who wasn’t exactly cooperative.  I wasn’t surprised, in fact I was amazed that they had not only managed to get her into the cage that she was going to travel in, but also that she had been microchipped without taking anyone’s arm off.  I think she’ll be OK in time, as she’s young enough to be able to be rehabilitated and she was showing signs of improvement by accepting yummy food in her kennel.  So there’s one happy ending for a very lucky dog.

The day wasn’t over yet.  Kathy barely had time to catch her breath before going to collect two new dogs that had been released from AFCD in Kowloon; a young poodle and a dachshund puppy.  They won’t have to wait long before being adopted.

You come across all sorts of people and all sorts of situations doing this work.  In the past we’ve taken a variety of animals out of AFCD kennels, including a pig (though this is no longer allowed), but I think this one deserves a mention.  A man came into AFCD to surrender a small python.  A dead one.  He and his dead snake were sent away.

Oh, and Mercy hadn’t broken any bones, she had just managed to take the skin off the bottom of her pads.


7 Responses to “Weds 31st March: All sorts”

  1. Norma M Says:

    A big thank you to Christine and Vivian and their friends for their fantastic donation. I know HKDR will put it to good use.
    Wonderful gesture ladies!

  2. Ellen Says:

    Well done Christine, Vivian and all the other ladies for the fantastic results!
    That’s an amazing amount!

  3. DL Says:

    LOL that is hilarious! A dead python!
    And pigs? That must have been interesting.

    I’m not a professional, but if Donald was given pain meds but he was still in pain, it could mean a torn ligament. I hope he gets a chance to go to the vet soon!

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, the pig was interesting especially getting her to the vet to be spayed (desexed). Not many Hong Kong vets know about desexing pigs and apparently it’s not that easy, but it was succesful and the pig went to an organic farm in the NT.

  4. Norma M Says:

    And here I thought you only homed dogs!

    • Sally Says:

      Last year I picked up a beautiful young cat just as I was getting on the sampan, and she came home with me before being adopted. We’ve also homed birds and hamsters, rabbits and chinchillas, but I do prefer to stick with dogs!

  5. Norma M Says:

    Yes, I think you have enough on your plate with just the dogs.
    Mind you you don’t have to walk hamsters so easier on us!
    Think the dogs would think it was lunch time if we introduced hamsters and rabbits to the pack.

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