Tues 30th March: 1 + 9 = 10

Nine doglets plus mother (centre)

The situation with the adopted puppy-now-dog who wasn’t desexed and subsequently produced nine puppies is getting even more serious.  The puppies have quickly grown in young adults, as they do, and now the females are starting to come into season.  Now what was already an urgent plea for help has become an absolute disaster-in-waiting if nothing is done to desex the females at least.  It’s not possible for HKDR to take in all of these doglets, expecially as there are daily requests from many others who want to surrender their dogs, as well as the dogs waiting at AFCD.

As much as I want more than anything to beat the man responsible into a pulp, he has wisely fled the country and the dogs themselves are the only concern at this point.  If nothing is done there will be a further twenty-odd unwanted puppies born, bringing the total of the adopter’s irresponsibility to thirty-plus new lives, multibreeds, which translates into “very hard to home” at best. 

Unable to handle this number of dogs all at once, I’ve asked for help from others including SPCA.  The dogs live on Peng Chau so it’s not just a simple case of getting them to a vet clinic, but they have to be taken off the island too.  None of them have ever worn a collar let alone been walked on a leash, so it’s going to be quite an operation.  All this because one dog wasn’t desexed.

As mentioned, the requests for surrender continue to pour in on a daily basis.  The most upsetting are those for dogs that were adopted from HKDR, but wherever they come from it’s frustrating at best (when I can say yes because I know the dog is homeable), but gut-wrenching when I have to say no.  Through no fault of its own, another dog is going to be thrown on the scrap heap, whether it’s AFCD or the street, or even worse a country park.

A family in DB who adopted a lovely young mongrel from us last October called over the weekend to say they wanted to give the dog back.  They spoke to Mark, who asked them to email me.  They didn’t, so I emailed them.  No response.  Where is the dog?  They just said they wanted it gone, and weren’t prepared to even discuss it.  I can’t sleep for thinking about Diana now.  What if she’s been taken into the hills and left?  If she ends up at AFCD I’ll see her there, but she wasn’t there today.  I’m sure if they had taken Diana to SPCA I would have had a call by now.  What was such a big problem?  Mark told me they said she whined too much.

The latest group of dogs from Cheung Chau were all killed by AFCD today.  They were lovely dogs.  I hope the person who complained is happy knowing the dogs are dead.  There must be twenty or more slaughtered so far, but hey, what the hell, they’re only dogs.

Lightening up a bit ……….


9 Responses to “Tues 30th March: 1 + 9 = 10”

  1. Maria Says:

    It’s sad to know that many people are giving up their dogs, especially those who adopted their dogs from dog rescue organizations. It’s like bringing out the dogs from hell to heaven and then throw them back to hell. I just can’t understand how people can be so cruel in giving up their dogs.

    We do have two mongrels from SPCA, we took them since they were 2 months old and now turning 2 years! Though one of our angels does have many problems (like endless skin allergy, behavioral problems like bitting us), they are our dearest little princesses, all they need is just our love and patience.

    Just like parents won’t dump their children becoz they have a cold, allergy or naughty! I really hope those people can think again before they give up their dogs.

  2. Kat Says:

    I am absolutely livid. Diana is such a sweet, special girl, and for her to be given up for a reason as ridiculous as ‘she whines too much’ is not only ridiculous, but unacceptable.

    The couple that adopted her better hope they don’t run into me, because there’s no way I could be civil to them.

    Are they are a family now? If so I would wager that the real reason they’re giving her up is because they’ve had a baby, as to my knowledge, it was just the two of them when she was adopted. Selfish, idiotic people.

  3. Dan F Says:

    As a bar owner, we’ve noticed a significant number of expats being let-go or those who’ve decided to simply look elsewhere in the world for work; these last 18 months.

    I would not be surprised if this is half the reason more dogs are being returned. Although I only just learned how relatively easy it is to export dogs, so it’s certainly the lazy / selfish option.

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, Hong Kong is a transient place and many dogs are given up when their owners leave. We do try to help with export advice, but as you know (having taken in Cody recently) some places have very strict rules and it takes 6 months to get all the paperwork done. I don’t mention the cases where surrendering the dog is the best option (as it sometimes is), but there are many more where it’s a matter of convenience, laziness or simply “don’t care”.

  4. Jessie Fung Says:

    I cannot stop to cry when I know all the Cheung Chau lovely dogs are all killed after I saw them. I don’t know what can I do. It is helpness!

  5. Helen Y Says:

    Cheung Chau could have been one of the best location to try out TNRV, it is an island and the canine population can be contained and recorded. The effect in positive controlling of canine population instead of senseless slaughtering by AFCD could easily be achieved.

  6. petnutritionist Says:

    Isn’t it sad that AFCD handles all complain by catching & killing the dogs, but not educating the ones who complain and the dog guardians?
    Some misunderstandings/ complaints can be resolved without sacrificing lives.

  7. Sandra Says:

    Thanks at least for the humour at the end!
    I hope we hear about Diana soon!

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