Sun 28th March: A quiet Sunday

I was expecting it to be quiet at Whiskers’n’Paws (and kennels) today, and I was right.  Rugby rules when the Sevens are on, especially finals day.  In fact it’s been a quiet weekend overall, but for once I was grateful as my nose is running and I’m sure you all know what that’s like.  It’s impossible to hold a polite conversation.

At least one puppy went off to his new home, and as he’s one of the older ones at five months, it’s especially nice.   All of the puppies had a great time anyway, so there’s always that compensation even if they end up being packed back into the travel crates at the end of the afternoon.  Back home they’re hungry, but then they crash totally and sleep like angels.

As activity has been slow on both Facebook and the blog over the weekend (again thanks to the rugby no doubt), I wanted to remind everyone who missed the notice the first time round that we are closing the the existing Facebook Fan Page and have set up a new one, Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR).  There was a very valid reason for us having to do this, so please just take a few seconds to sign up to the new FB page if you want to keep up with all the news, information and updates as they happen.  You just need to click here or on the icon at the side of this page to do so, it’s as simple as that.

With the Designer Sale now finally over (it was extended from the original Friday and Saturday to Thursday to Sunday), we will have to wait a few days for the final amount raised but we know it’s an amazing result.  This much-needed contribution towards the new Homing Centre (kennels), has been earmarked for a specific purpose, which will almost certainly be a special quarantine unit for sick dogs and puppies.  This is something that we have never had space for at our current site, and it’s a very important facility to have.  At the moment the shower section of our washroom serves as the “isolation ward”, not exactly ideal but the best that we have been able to offer.  It will be wonderful to be able to take care of any sick dogs in their own special hospital unit knowing that infection won’t be spread.

We have two events coming up in April, both part of the ongoing support by the Eclipse Group of restaurants.  These events will take place at the Coyote bar in Wanchai, and McSorleys in Soho.   As soon as the details are finalised they will be posted on the website, our new Facebook page and this blog (of course).

We also have two events lined up for May, one of which is something very different and which will appeal to everyone who has a sense of humour, not just dog lovers and HKDR supporters.  As a teaser (and so you’ll mark the date, 8th May, in your diaries), it will be Hong Kong’s first “Comedython”, 12 straight hours of non-stop stand-up comedy, which will take place at Champs Bar at the Charterhouse Hotel, Wanchai.  Want to know more?  Keep checking the website and Facebook for details.  You won’t want to miss this one.

All of these fundraisers are especially important to us at this time, so please support if you can.  Apart from the obvious need to raise money for the new Homing Centre, there are ongoing costs that need to be covered, especially now that the SPCA clinic across the road had closed and we have to go back to transporting dogs to various vet clinics.  If you have a car and can help with driving dogs to appointments, please let us know.  If you don’t have a car but have some spare time to accompany the dogs for their vet visit, we need you too.  Please email Nana at and let her know how you can help.  Thank you!


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