Sat 27th March: The amazing sale continues

I was very grateful to have a day at home today nursing my cold while our Saturday volunteers ran the show at kennels, and the wonderful organisers of the designer sale were busy raising funds for our new Homing Centre.   We have a target of $6 million to reach, a huge amount, and the sale has made a massive contribution.  In fact, it’s not even all over yet, as I got a message saying that the ladies had decided to continue on Sunday with all stock reduced by 50% to clear!  I’m wondering if I can trust the puppies to sell themselves at Whiskers’n’Paws while I rush to Central to take advantage of what must be the lowest ever prices.  Even the factory outlets can’t match that.

Spitz Roddy was surrendered with his collie friend

While some of the larger dogs were being considered for adoption, as always it was the small ones who actually made it out of kennels and to their new homes.  A surrendered peke was with us for all of thirty minutes before he left again, and cute little white spitz, Roddy, was also chosen.

I agreed to take in two puppies that someone had bought from a street seller in Sham Shui Po for $200 each.  The woman had bought the puppies to save them from an awful fate (and there are too many possibilities), although she couldn’t actually keep them herself.  The puppies are mongrels, but cute and a bit different from the run-of-the-mill village dogs, so they stand a good chance of being adopted.

I understand why someone would want to save puppies from a hawker, as much as I understand why many people buy puppies from pet shops that are being kept in cages that are too small, and have been sitting in the shop window for months. In fact there is such a case at the moment, with someone asking me what I thought she should do about two labradors who have passed their easy sell-by stage and are still sitting there in their cages in a pet shop.  I suggested she told the shop owner that she would take the puppies if he wanted to get rid of them, but not buy them.  It’s a tough call, and I know people who’ve bought  puppies and delivered them straight to us for re-homing, but it’s the pet shop that wins.  Although I suppose the puppies do too.

Poor Kes isn't at all well

Adorable peke Kes, who came to us called Ketamine, had to go to hospital today as he wasn’t at all well.  It turned out that he had rotten teeth which had caused his gums to ulcerate so he couldn’t eat.  Poor guy, he’s had several teeth removed and hopefully that will solve the problem.

If you haven’t visited out website recently have a look at what’s been happening, including the start of our on-line HKDR store (click here to check it out!). More products will be added as we get ourselves organised.

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One Response to “Sat 27th March: The amazing sale continues”

  1. Pato Says:

    I personally not support buying any animals from PET shop (especially doggie or cat). Animals have life like human, not used for buying or selling. Now is 2010, even back to 22 Sept 1862 Lincoln Abraham who, announced Emancipation Proclamation which ended USA slavery and free all the slaves.
    To be honest if you think of buying or selling animals in PET shop and replace animals into human?? What do you think? Scary.

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