Weds 24th March: Daisy wins

Funny pup Little, not little at all

I had planned to take puppy Little over to the kennels today so that he could join Midge in her foster home.  She’s desperate for a playmate, and I’m feeling pretty much the same way about finding a home for Little as he’s quite a character and hanging out far too much with Minky and Sparkle for my liking.  He’s a smart boy, and the fact that he lived in a foster home for the first three months of his life means he’s not content with just playing in the garden with the other puppies.  Anyway, as it turned out, Little chose today to be the first day that he joined the morning walk, and as typically happens the first time, he got lost.  It’s no big drama as the dogs always find their way home eventually (and there are no cars on Lamma), but it did mean that he missed the chance of a foster.

I had been dithering anyway, wondering if Little would be too much for the foster and would end up being quickly returned, so I had decided that I would take him to kennels anyway and let the foster choose between him and Daisy, a sweet puppy girl who lives at kennels.  The fact that Little didn’t turn up until early afternoon meant that Daisy was the lucky one, and I heard that Midge greeted her with tail-wagging enthusiasm, such a change from her early days when she just hid herself away.  Both Midge and Daisy will need permanent homes very soon, but for now they can enjoy each other’s company without having to worry.

It’s taken a surprisingly long time, but finally Jack Russell Yippee found a great home.  Usually this breed are in-and-out dogs, and Yippee has no behaviour or health issues, but for whatever reason he had to wait a couple of weeks before we found a home that suited his high energy and zest for life.

In the meantime, the skinny mini pin that was surrendered twice to AFCD is busy gaining weight very quickly, and also starting to gain trust.  His vision isn’t good, but he’s easy to bribe with treats and his nose works just fine.  He was a very scared and nervous dog when he first arrived, but by being left alone he’s changing every day.

Brave Buddy, smiling through the pain

Buddy, the young dog that I thought was old, went for an X-ray on his bad leg yesterday.  We had hoped that surgery would fix what appeared to be an old break that had healed badly, but it turned out that at some stage he had broken his pelvis and even if he had seen an orthopaedic specialist at the time, the break was so bad and in such an awkward place, that nothing could have been done.  So the best we can do for him is to have the femoral head (the ball at the top of the thigh bone) removed, which will at least relieve the constant pain he is in.  Poor guy, it must have been sheer agony at the time of the accident, and how he recovered enough to walk at all is a miracle.  No wonder I thought he was an old dog. Although Buddy will always have a limp, at least he will be comfortable.

The second part of the designer sale starts again tomorrow (Thursday).  We had to add an extra day as so much was being donated once word got round, and the shop at Mebourne Plaza is now packed with clothes and accessories from all the top name designers.  Doors open at 11am, close at 7pm, and the shop is No 118, 1/F, Melbourne Plaza.


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