Mon 22nd March: Creating a stink

I don’t like Mondays, not because the weekend’s over but because it’s a day that I have to go and check the new intake at AFCD.  And what did I find there today but the thin miniature pinscher that had been surrendered before, then taken back by its owner on that awful day when so many dogs were killed, and now he was back, surrendered once again!  Well one thing’s for sure, the woman who was the owner is never getting him back and he’s now at our kennels, another office resident.  The first thing he did on arrival was to eat all the food in any bowl lying around, and then stuff himself with his own dinner until he was full to bursting.  Good for him.

Two five-month puppies that I had reserved also got out today, and I used one of the AFCD crates-on-wheels to take them to the SPCA, a method of transport which has been very helpful in a lot of cases, particularly with litters of puppies.  It’s a bit of a bone-shaking ride for the dogs inside, and although I try to go as slowly and carefully as I can, I know the whole thing rattles and vibrates for the short trip from AFCD to SPCA.  For these two puppies it was all too much and by the time I got to the vet clinic there was a distinctive and powerful aroma coming from the crate, and no mistaking what was causing it.

By the time it was our turn to see the vet the two youngsters had poo all over them, as they had been lying in their own mess for fifteen minutes or so.  There was no option but to give them a wash before they could be handled, so we all donned our latex gloves and reached into the crate to get the first one out.  It was a bit of a struggle as the poor pup was obviously freaked, but we managed to get the worst of the stink off him.  Then the next one, a girl, but she had other ideas and scrambled into the bottom shelf of the display unit, pushing shampoos and other stuff out of the way to make space.

I have to thank vet Dr Karthi for her sense of humour, and vet assistant Joyce for her patience and cleaning efforts while I was struggling with the puppy in the sink, trying to wash the poo off with the dribble of water coming out of the shower head.

Genie when she first moved into the office (towel rack)

The puppies, Henry and Eliza, are now also in the office, and they will be fine once settled.  Just like Genie, the very scared dog that was moved on Friday from a kennel into the office, and who in just two days has been transformed into a sweet and happy girl who’s already wagging her tail.  It’s such a wonderful thing when this happens, and no matter how many times I’ve witnessed the dramatic change in dogs once they let go of their protective behaviour it always gives me a real sense of achievement and satisfaction.  I’m so happy for Genie, and now we just need to find her a home.

What will become our wall of “Bricks” at the new Homing Centre (kennels) is growing steadily but we still have a lot more to sell and a long way to go before reaching our target.  If you haven’t yet bought a “brick”, you can do so online from our website (click here), at kennels or at Whiskers N Paws.

We have two fundraising events planned for April (more of that later) and something very different for May.  Just to give you a hint, keep Saturday 8th May free,  from morning until night………  This event will appeal to everyone, dog lover or not, and you’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming weeks.

I know quite a few people received a strange email from Maria Fan, our foster coordinator, yesterday.  It was actually a scam asking for money to be sent, and I hope that everyone realised.  The language was very clearly not Maria’s, and nor is she in London as the email states.  Apart from that,  getting a very personal request for money from someone you barely know should ring warning bells.  So apologies to anyone who got the email which was sent from an old Yahoo email (  And whatever you do, don’t send money!


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