Sun 21st March: A busy weekend

While I was at my usual Sunday afternoon haunt (Whiskers’n’Paws), a group of volunteers went to the Pet Fun Day at Park Island, Ma Wan, where our adoption manager, Alice, gave an on-stage demonstration of her training skills.  Like Mark, Alice qualified as a professional trainer at the San Francisco SPCA facility, recognised as one of the top dog training schools in the world.  She was lucky, as she was in the very last intake before the school closed due to lack of funds, and we’re lucky to have not one, but two graduates at HKDR.

Photography Club volunteers on the ferry to Ma Wan

With so many volunteers out and about I was left to handle the puppy adoptions by myself, and it was quite an afternoon.  The sunny weather had brought the adopters of out hiding, and the terrace was packed.  I was trying to complete paperwork, answer questions, clean up puppy poo, rescue pups from the arms of young children who were trying to smuggle them out of the area, and say hello to those previously-adopted puppies who had come back for a play.  In the end, three puppies actually went to new homes with several would-be adopters returning in the next week or so.  I said goodbye to the last of the fluffies, Topsy and Bodkin, and I hope they will be able to meet up with their siblings in the future as they all live fairly close to one another.  Or maybe, like Oona’s offspring, we can arrange get-togethers at Whiskers’n’Paws.

Bodkin adopted. A gorgeous puppy

Blind dog, Zachary, is doing well on Lantau, as is Molly, the dog who has been his friend and companion for the past year, in her new home.  This is what Terry said about Zach-now-Jack after I asked how he was doing and if he had made any new friends yet:

“As for making friends, to be honest, he has two sides and a very strong character. He has had fights with all 7 dogs, who have all come off second best. I dont know how he does it. I stay away from them. Its best they work it out between themselves. Zach also has a brain that never stops working. Within 24 hours he had figured out all 8000 sq ft of our place, including where he should sleep at night. Beside my bed.
Sometimes I spy Zach dancing on the lawn, revelling in the freedom he has discovered.”

I love the image of Zach dancing like that.

The sale of designer clothes and accessories on Friday and Saturday was a huge success, and not surprisingly as there were amazing bargains to be had.  Even if you went along and bought, there will be a whole  shop full of new stock for this coming Friday and Saturday so go again.

Can you believe that we’re already starting to talk about this year’s Peak to Fong event?  This year will be very different for us as we won’t be at Pokfulam any more, and it’s very hard trying to imagine how life and things will operate after the move.  I know I’ve been keeping very quiet about the progress on the new kennels (to be re-named the HKDR Homing Centre), and that’s because it’s all been taking much longer than expected to sort out all of the various permits and waivers that are required.  I hope to have some important news by later this week and will post as soon as things are confirmed.  I can say that there has been a lot of activity going on behind the scenes one way or another, and there will be some surprise announcements very soon.  As always, watch this space!


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