Sat 20th March: Pre-adoption class

Mark held his first pre-adoption class at Whiskers’n’Paws today, an hour-long family workshop on what to expect when you adopt a dog or puppy.  It’s especially aimed at first-time adopters who are a bit nervous about the prospect of bringing a new family member home, and with the follow-up support we’ve always offered I hope this will help with the decision making. I know there were two families last Sunday who were unsure about adopting a puppy so I recommended they attend Mark’s class before committing.  I hope they’ll be back for that puppy.

I talk a lot about dogs being individuals and having their own personalities and characteristics, and today there were a perfect example of that.  A few months ago a nice family adopted a puppy from me, not a baby but already a few months old.  He was a very outgoing and happy pup, a “petite” mongrel (my new name for the smaller-sized multibreeds that we’re seeing a lot more of these days) called Fido.  The family brought him back to Whiskers’n’Paws one Sunday and told me that he was very reserved and timid, quite scared in fact, and very reluctant to be touched.  As I was talking to them, Fido was busy jumping all over me, and I was very surprised at what I was hearing.

Today Fido was returned, having made no headway and being not at all the family dog that was wanted.  As a Saturday worked best for the family to bring him back, the mother came to Lamma and dropped him off.  The moment Fido walked in through the gate, the old happy and playful boy was back, just as I remembered him.  He lay on his back so all the other dogs could give him a good sniffing, his tail wagging the whole time, and before long he was checking out the puppies that had arrived since he was last here and inviting them all to play.  Not only that, but he jumped all over me wanting attention and cuddles just like all of the other dogs.  There is nothing about him that shows any fear of humans, or shyness, or anything that would make me think he wasn’t a suitable family dog.  He just wasn’t happy in that home.

I was delighted to get a text saying that Nestor, the pup that lost out on being adopted yesterday, was himself adopted today.  What a great puppy, one of a litter from AFCD that came infected with parvovirus resulting in the deaths of two of them.  Now only one is left at kennels, another incredibly sweet girl called Garland.  She is extra special because she has a slight deformity.  Her top jaw is a lot longer than the bottom, so there is a considerable “overhang” which makes her look like a meerkat (and meerkats are very cute!)  I hope this special feature won’t put anyone off giving Garland a home, because it doesn’t affect her in any way and she is an adorable puppy.

Hegel was another lucky dog.  He’s the peke that we were told had a big swelling on his stomach and was very sick.  He arrived looking perfectly normal, and the vet confirmed that there was nothing wrong with him. I can’t explain why some people make up stories like this, other than they have some problem themselves.

I got a call which made me sad.  A man wanted to surrender his dog, a mongrel, because his wife hated it (because he’d had the dog in a previous relationship) and had issued the ultimatum “it’s me or the dog”.  Inexplicably the man chose the wife.  He’s had the dog for four years, the wife for two.  I had to tell him that I needed to hang up before I said something very rude.  Now I don’t know what will happen to the dog, but one things for sure – there’ll still be a bitch in the house.


7 Responses to “Sat 20th March: Pre-adoption class”

  1. Angie Says:

    Hooooooooooooray ” This Darling Life” is now showing on I Cable T.V. during the month of March. catch it if you can as you can see HKDR in action. For those of you who have this service provider the next showing will be March 23rd at 00:25 AM perfect for those late night owls out there.
    Channel 44 HMC2

  2. Fidelia Says:

    I am a new volunteer for the dog walking and during one of my 3 visits at the kennel, I had a chance to walk Hegel. He is so sweet, such a darling. I sure will miss him very much. But I’m glad he has found a home.

  3. Cheryl Kwok Says:

    hahahaha! loved the last comment! touche!

  4. Maria Says:

    Haha that last comment was priceless! Well said.

  5. emiri ikeda Says:

    the wife can live w/out this man, the dog cannot live w/out him. at the end, this man is no different fm his wife. chose to get rid of the weaker one instead of standing up for it. i bet he thinks he is the victim here when he and she are standing on the same side. what a loser.

    a quote from ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D. Salinger:

    ‘Among other things, you’ll find that you’re not the first person who was confused and frightened and even sickened by human behavior.’

    not that this makes us feel better.

  6. tina Says:

    too bad for fido! i’m sure he just wasn’t used to the family yet – dogs are all very adaptable and he probably missed the kennels during the initial stages.. but he’d learn to accept his new friends and family over time! I’m sorry the family didn’t give him a chance to accept them. 😦

    • Sally Says:

      Fido was never at kennels and was adopted at Whiskers’n’Paws having come straight from Lamma. To be fair to the adopters, they did try but for some reason Fido just wasn’t happy. Now he’s loving life again, playing with the other dogs, running and swimming every day. He’ll find another home, but maybe with another dog as a friend would be best.

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