Fri 19th March: Lucky day for Rock

There was a huge response to the video clip of the little dog, Edie, and the almost instant transformation from her being terrified to her rolling on her back wiggling her legs in the air.  The clip was shared many times over on Facebook, and another one added to our HKDR Fan Page.   I’m very happy that there has been a chance for people to see this, a scene that has been played over and over again at AFCD where almost all of the small dogs respond in this way.  I hope potential adopters may understand a bit better when we ask that they don’t make immediate judgements on dogs that aren’t immediately friendly, and that they give the dogs time to settle and adjust, and to get to know and trust their new family.

Our office at the kennels is always full of these little orphans, and we all see the changes that take place, sometimes over a day, sometimes much longer.  It doesn’t matter to us, as we have as much time as it takes.

Today I suggested we move a dog called Genie into the office from the kennel she was sharing with others.  Genie had been caught (in Tung Chung) with Midge, the puppy/dog that had previously been in the office but has now moved to a foster home.  Both dogs had been very timid and scared at first, but while Midge had progressed to the point of playing with other dogs, Genie still has to come out of her shell.  So with Midge gone and her space (bottom shelf of the towel rack) vacant, Genie was brought inside.  Maybe it was my imagination, but she seemed much calmer almost instantly.  From her new safe place, Genie can watch all the comings and goings and meet lots of new people every day.  She’s just outside the washroom door so it’s a busy traffic area, and perfect for getting a dog used to people.

Genie is an unusual dog, medium sized and all chocolate brown except for the underside of her tail which is white.  She has a whiskery muzzle, and she had obviously had puppies not long before being caught by the dog catchers. Maybe the pups were old enough to survive, in which case there are a bunch of very cute puppies somewhere around Tung Chung.

The puppies from my bedroom (the offspring of the mother at AFCD who had eleven of her own and then another nine babies added) went for their third and final vaccination today.  It’s quite amazing what a difference there is in size, with two of the puppies like black labradors, big and beefy with massive paws, and a group of small-eared little ones.  The middle sized pups are the cute fluffies, three of which have already gone to homes.  The two black labalikes were called Fraggle and Rock, and today was Rock’s lucky day as he just happened to be around when we had a couple looking for a puppy.  It was a close call for Nestor, a fabulous puppy who lives at kennels, but Rock won and went happily off to his new home.  Timing is everything in life.

On my way to the kennels I dropped by the sale in Melbourne Plaza to see how it was going, (and to have a root through all the stuff that was there).  I can honestly say that if I didn’t live a life that required me to wear nothing but the most casual of clothes, I would have left with half the stock.  I was almost tempted to buy anyway, but reason stepped in at the last minute.  Ladies, get down there if you have an eye for bargains! (The sale is on this Saturday, and next Friday/Saturday too, 11am – 7pm, and new stock is arriving all the time).


One Response to “Fri 19th March: Lucky day for Rock”

  1. Marie Says:

    Love the names Fraggle and Rock!! ;)x

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