Wed 17th March: And now for some good news

Two special dogs left kennels today.  Blind Zachary was picked up by volunteer  Terry, and was taken to his new home on Lantau where he will have all the walks he needs, as well as his own, safe garden and new four-legged friends.  I’m so happy that Zach, who has been re-named Jack, has finally found a home forever.  His friend for the last year, Molly, also went to her new forever home, and I’m waiting to hear how she’s doing.

German shepherd, King, was picked up to go to the foster home that will take care of him until he’s ready to fly to California and a whole new life.  He’s such a wonderful dog, huge but gentle, and I wish him all the luck in the world.

I had to go to AFCD again to take out dogs that I had reserved, the remaining few left alive until the next batch is brought in by the dog catchers   Savanna is a large-sized young girl, and she was ecstatic to be freed.  All she wanted to do was bounce around and play with the other just-released inmate, Tobias.  He came in a while ago with two others, almost certainly the same family, and was the last to be taken.  I also reserved two 5-month puppies, smallish dogs that had been picked up in Chai Wan.  I’ll count down the 96 hours until I can take them out, making sure I’m not a minute late.

The one I call the “Apple Daily” dog was still there, and I had promised to assess her condition and behaviour for someone who is willing to give her a home if she’s suitable.  This dog was rescued by firemen when she somehow got herself stuck, fallen or thrown I don’t know, but from the Apple Daily video clip I saw, the rescue itself was traumatic.  The dog was noosed and trussed and hauled up a wall from where she was (I think by the Ap Lei Chau bridge, but I could be wrong).    I don’t think I have ever seen a dog so scared.  She’s been owned as she’s wearing a collar of sorts, but it was impossible to get close to her.  She was shaking so violently that I had to wait for her to calm down a bit before even trying to go into her kennel.  When she finally sat down I slowly held my hand out, but she lifted her lip in a sign for me to stay away.
She’s in season and I wondered if that was the reason that she got herself into the situation she did.  Maybe she was looking for a mate, or maybe her owners didn’t want the burden of puppies.  Who knows.  For now I’ll call her Apple, and I’ll go again tomorrow to see if I can make any progress.

Burrito - finally!

I think it’s safe to reveal the identity of Mr B, a dog who has been in a trial home for a while, just to make sure that he and the cat got on.  They are fine together, and while it’s not an actual adoption yet Burrito won’t be coming back to kennels.  Yes, Burrito with the lop-sided mouth (from an early broken jaw)!  Who would have guessed that he would ever be chosen?   He’s been with us for such a long time, and I know everyone will be as happy as I am to hear the news.


13 Responses to “Wed 17th March: And now for some good news”

  1. linda Says:

    I met “Mr B” in Stanley for the first time last week – on his first day out of kennels. He has found a lovely family and am thrilled for him.

    On a second note, I keep reading about volunteer Terry and his incredible good works. Do you accept nominations for volunteer of the month? If yes, I’d like to nominate Terry for March.

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, Terry deserves a big hug, but there are so many fantastic volunteers I don’t know if I could single any one of them out. The list is so long. Hey, I think I can add you to that list too!

  2. Yenni Says:

    Oh, I am so happy for Burito…!! Yay!! Such a sweet, gentle dog, and I am sure he will be a great mate for the cat. (I also like his pseudoname, Mr B… sounds so cool!)

  3. Susan Says:

    Three x 100 BIG cheers for Burrito!

  4. YanYan Li Says:

    Hi Sally,
    I have been reading your blog the last month and amazed at all your energy and dedication to all the dogs. We recently adopted Magenta from the foster family (still need to do the formalities) and she has been just absolutely wonderful. My kids, age 9 and 10 adore her and she is just a good natured and happy puppy. We also discovered that her siblings Magnus and Gin were adopted by friends of ours. We will come by Whiskers and Paws for a visit soon.

    All the best, YanYan

    • Sally Says:

      That was a really special litter. I met Gin at the vet the otherday and she was so friendly, and I heard she was planning to meet up with her brother and sister soon. I have another litter very similar now, and I hope they are as lucky.

  5. Karen Says:

    Hi Sally, I am just wondering, how is it possible for working individuals to adopt a dog when they have a full time job? (eg: 9-5pm) I understand dogs are social animals and obviously leaving them at home all day is not ideal. But there also seems to be a lot of working families who have dogs. Do any of your adopters have to deal with this full time job & leaving dogs at home’s issue? If yes, what kind of recommendations can you give them? Thanks

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Karen,
      Unfortunately many people do have a dog when they are out at work all day meaning the dog is left alone for many hours. However at HKDR we don’t believe that it’s fair to do this, and we see many dogs with behaviour problems being surrendered to us because they were left alone for so long. Having a dog when you don’t really have the time to give it what it needs isn’t considering the welfare of the dog. After all, most people go out at least sometimes, and also go to bed at night, so the dog actually ends up being on its own for much longer than the working day. In these situations we encourage people to volunteer instead. That way you can spend time with the dogs and enjoy not just their company, but also the friendship of other like-minded people, as well as the satisfaction of seeing the dogs go to new homes. Many volunteers get to know and love a particular long-term dog, and end up taking them out for the whole day, or even taking them home for the weekends. Why don’t you think about doing this?

    • DL Says:


      Having a full-time job and dogs is possible – if one is willing to put in the remainder of the time that is not taken by working, and money. In a family of two working adults, they could take turns returning at lunch time to walk/play with the dogs, and make sure one of them returns ASAP in the evening for the dogs. If that is impossible (some days in the office are just crazy), opt for a dog walker, or a helper.

      I have two dogs, a full-time job, a fiance, and a part-time helper. If I have short days at work, I’ll rush home for the dogs. On days when I have to work long hours, I’ll get my part time helper to walk my dogs at noon, and spend an hour with them. I’ll always make sure I’m home by 6 or 6.30pm (usually earlier) to take the dogs for their long walks/runs.

      At night, for their last potty walk, my fiance and I will go for a short walk with the dogs. I make it a point not to have engagements/appointments on weekday nights as it wouldn’t be fair to the dogs when I’m out working on weekday mornings/afternoons. Weekends are spent as much with the dogs as possible. I do head out occasionally at night on weekends, but that will mean spending most of the day with the dogs. It’s a balance.. and yes my life/schedule does revolve a lot around my dogs! But it works, and I’m happy and so are they. So it is possible for working adults to have dogs – but one has to be willing to sacrifice a lot of time for them.

  6. eu Says:

    Very happy that Apple is still with us. Reminds me of Redding which was also saved and on newspaper a few years ago. What a great dog he is! Hope Apple can have a new life after all the trauma.

    To Terry: absolutely admire your effort in setting up a kennel for senior dogs and those with special needs.

  7. Marie Says:

    Awww Burrito-great news! Happy happy happy!!!! I love Burrito!xxx

  8. Deb Says:

    I saw Burrito today and he has landed an awesome home and he looks so great now without the dreadlocks – so beautifully fluffy. His cat friend is a sweetie too.

    • Sally Says:

      Wow, Burrito is a star! If only every dog had the chance to shine like him. or Stella (what a sweet and lovely girl), and so many others. You need to look beyond what you first see at kennels and understand that this isn’t the real them, these are dogs trying to cope with kennel life. Please look just that bit further and see the heart within.

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