Tues 16th March: Ready to explode

There are days when even getting out of bed is a big mistake, and today was one of them.

It started when I read my emails and found two that made me incredibly angry, and this one in particular.  Someone who had adopted a puppy from me at Whiskers’n’Paws was asking for help as the (now) young dog had had nine puppies and the woman couldn’t cope.  Actually she was the girlfriend of the adopter, a man I was uncomfortable about at the time but couldn’t quite put my finger on why.  I remember him clearly, and the puppy, and I sent both him and the woman emails letting them know exactly what I felt.  Why do all of us at HKDR bother trying to find homes for puppies when total idiots like these then produce another nine?

Then another email from a boy saying his parents had two dogs and they had had six puppies and could we help home them.  So that’s fifteen new and unwanted lives from just two mother dogs, lives that should never have been conceived and now it’s too late to do anything about it.  My blood boils when I read these emails.

Still furious about the fact that a puppy I had let go to an irresponsible adopter had not been desexed and was now a mother of nine, I left for the kennels, and specifically AFCD as I had two missions.  One was to check the dogs that had come in from Cheung Chau on Friday, and the other was to assess a dog who had been rescued by firemen and whose story had been featured in Apple Daily.  Someone wanted to adopt the dog and I had promised that I would check it out to see if it was really homeable.  I also wanted to take out the skeletal miniature pinscher that had been surrendered.

When I went into the kennel block, the first thing I saw was that the mini pin had gone and I was told his owner had come to take him back.  Really?  Why should anyone be allowed to take back a dog they had surrendered?  The poor dog had probably had the best meals of his life at AFCD, ironic as that may seem.  Now he was going back to be starved again.

Then the next kennel, empty.  And the next, and the next, empty.  Where were all the Cheung Chau dogs I asked?  Have they already been killed?  Yes, was the answer.  I was stunned.  They had only come in on Friday and I had specifically said I would come today to assess them, and yet they had already all been killed.  I assumed they had arrived on Friday afternoon as the dog catchers would have gone over to Cheung Chau in the morning and returned with their “catch” late afternoon as usual, so that meant that the four days which all dogs must, by law, be given before being destroyed hadn’t yet passed.  Tuesday afternoon, today, would be the time when the 96 hours (as quoted to me when I questioned it) was up.

I have asked for answers from the vet and senior staff at AFCD and will wait for their reply before commenting any further.  Suffice it to say that I was so close to tears, of both sadness and anger, that I couldn’t speak, or stay any longer.  I didn’t notice the “Apple Daily dog” either, and it may have been moved to another block, but I will need to find out.

I got back to the kennels boiling with rage at both the idiot owners who had left their dogs have puppies, and the slaughter of the Cheung Chau dogs who hadn’t even been given a chance.  Why?

Then I got a call to say that Zachary, the blind dog, was waiting outside the kennels with his owner.  I went out to find poor Zach clearly confused and scared, and then I noticed his claws.  They were long like talons, the sort of thing we usually see on small dogs that have been kept in cages and never walked.  My anger boiled over and I picked Zachary up in my arms, grabbed the bag of food and other bits and pieces, and slammed the kennel gates behind me.  I apologise to the young volunteers for the expletive I yelled at the same time, but seeing Zachary like that and knowing his long and sad story was just too much for me.   Like the mother of nine, I felt I had let Zachary down, and Molly, the other dog who had been Zach’s friend and guide, and who would now, luckily, also be going to a lovely home.  At least these two will never be given up again, or deprived of any needs whether physical or emotional, and I’m grateful for that at least.


9 Responses to “Tues 16th March: Ready to explode”

  1. petnutritionist Says:

    Sally, can you file a complain against AFCD killing the dogs before their time?
    How often does this happen?

    It’s sad.. here you are (and many other animal rescue volunteers), trying your best to save these animals lives, and there, the AFCD is trashing them and killing them without a blink..

  2. RB Says:

    Your strength and fortitude to get through the sadness and the anger are what make you a hero for all the other dogs you do manage to save. I join the many others who thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you do, and cannot blame you when you feel sorrow and extreme disappointment for the irresponsible actions of some….Please don’t ever give up!

  3. Rachael Says:

    Think we should go down road of deposit scheme for non desexed dogs that are homed, returned on proof of desex op. Just can’t trust people unfortunately to be responsible.

  4. eu Says:

    The trend of how governmental department works is that, when more people (public) who monitor them, the more careful they would work and responsive to the public. Wing Lee street is saved, as an example. We should gather together and let AFCD know there’s a big group of dog lovers who are monitoring them.

  5. petnutritionist Says:

    agree w/ Rachel. That’s what some rescue organizations do back in U.S.
    I personally think you should take at least HK$800-$1000 deposit (if the amount is too little, most people won’t bother to get it back).
    Seriously, Sally, HKDR should consider adding this desex deposit policy.

  6. Jessie Fung Says:

    Dear Sally,

    I appreciate the great effort & patient that you pay for all the lovely dogs, our friends! Thank you from my bottom of my heart you helped me to save the white mongrel 2 years ago. The mongrel is healthy and happy right now, most people love him. Without your help, most the dogs are dead & no chance to survive anymore. You are a hero that I always think. I am just an individual volunteer to save the poors dogs upon my limited efffort. Sally, don’t give up & we won’t give up too!

    I know you are facing many difficulties especially the disaster of AFCD. Very sad! Thank you helping me to asses the Apple Daily Dog. I know you are very busy right now, no hurry, I will wait for your good news. Much appreciated! Your are an angel!

  7. Claire Y Says:


    Letting off steam when you get to boiling point (expletives and all) – completely forgivable.
    Regarding what you have described above – completely unforgivable.
    It takes an extraordinary person to take on such a huge commitment as you have, and I along with many others thank & applaud you.

    On a lighter note, when you see a dog chasing his own tail in front of you, do you ever wonder if he’s taking the Michael?
    (I was going to use an expletive but I haven’t quite reached boiling point)

  8. Vic C Says:

    So sad when you hear the same old story about irresponsible owners and a government who probably support cruelty to animals (think finning sharks for soup) and then you realise that power corrupts and these guys have that power and exercise this power to make themselves feel more powerful.

    People can be so selfish though people like you make me realise there is still hope for the human race to take responsibility for this oasis of life in a lifeless Universe.

    Keep it up

  9. Carol Lee Says:

    AFCD killing the dogs before their time? <— happens very often, particularly those dogs that were not microchipped.

    We are taking to the street on 2nd May against AFCD, most likely it takes place.

    What a day, Sally, I would have collapsed if I had been in your shoes.

    At least Zach is back, no longer with those people who is not for him.

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