Sun 14th March: Adopting a puppy

It was the usual Sunday party at Whiskers’n’Paws, and no surprise that the two beautiful grey-and-white fluffy sisters were the stars of the afternoon.  They have both got homes now, but I have their siblings still waiting as well as many other lovely puppies.

Boo has the sweetest nature

Topsy needs a home

Many of the potential adopters who come to the Sunday puppy afternoons are first time dog owners, and there are always a lot of questions and concerns that need to be addressed.  To help these families make that life-changing decision our trainer, Mark Curran, will be holding pre-adoption classes at Whiskers’n’Paws on Saturday at 1pm.   Hopefully armed with the knowledge and confidence,  these families will be back on Sunday to choose their new addition.  Judging from the response today I think this coming Saturday’s class will fill up quickly, but there will be others.  Please go to to read more and to register.

Can you believe this is Boo's brother. They may not look alike but both are exceptionally sweet

From my point of view I always say this to nervous first-timers:

If you have children (which almost all do) then you’ve pretty much been through it all before.  Puppies are just like children except they grow up a lot faster, and human children tend not to chew the furniture.  Puppies are intelligent, adaptable and quick to learn.  If you start off properly, it’s easy. Two important things: set the ground rules and be consistent.  If one person allows the puppy on the sofa and another doesn’t, how can the puppy understand what’s expected of it?  Before even starting, everyone has to agree on the basics and then stick to them.

Brothers Fraggle and Rock are identical

Understand that your puppy doesn’t come already knowing everything about your home and about life.  You have to teach it, in the same way that you have to teach your children.  Shouting and (even worse) smacking a puppy for “being naughty” means nothing and achieves even less.  Be patient and consistent, and reward for good behaviour, and your puppy will very quickly learn. 

The best thing is that a month is a very long time for a puppy, and there is a huge difference between three months of age and four months. By five months the puppy teeth will be falling out to be replaced by adult teeth, and by six months the puppy is starting to become a young adult.  And yes, the ‘teenage’ stage can be testing at times, just as with human children, as this is a time when the doglet is going through hormonal changes and needing to establish its role in the family and life in general. But again this is a very short period, and just accept that your dog is an intelligent individual with his or her own personality.  You start to notice little quirks and characteristics that make your dog what and who it is, and before you know it the puppy days have gone and you have a loyal and faithful friend and family member.

Cracker found a home today but he has bothers and sisters who are still waiting

If you haven’t already done so, mark in your diary that this coming Friday and Saturday (and the same the following week), there will be a sale of designer clothes and accessories at Shop 118, Melbourne Plaza, Central, from 11am – 7pm.  Get there first to get the pick of the stock, and bear in mind that ALL proceeds from the sale will be donated to HKDR and our new Homing Centre.  This sale has been organised by a group of ladies who prefer to remain anonymous, but who are donating their time as well as their wardrobe contents so a big thank you to all.


2 Responses to “Sun 14th March: Adopting a puppy”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    What a brilliant idea to hold pre-adoption classes!

    For the sale of designer gear this week (and next), I assume payments must be made in cash and credit cards cannot be accepted?

    • Sally Says:

      Thanks for reminding me about the credit cards. I need to check if this is possible, but please everyone bring loads of cash!!!

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