Fri 12th March: Lots of good news

After yesterday’s desperate plea for help for Zachary and Molly, today was a day of good news and happiness, not just for these two dogs who have got new homes to go to, but also Charlie, the ex-HKDR puppy that I mentioned recently.  She was first taken in (by someone who had adopted two dogs from HKDR) on a temporary basis after she was thrown out of her home (by the foster’s neighbour), and it was beginning to look as though she would never find a home of her own.   Like Molly, Charlie had changed from being a normal and happy pup to a nervous wreck, and although she had been to adoption events she was so scared she couldn’t stay for long.  Now she has that home we’ve all been waiting for, so there are three very lucky dogs and three wonderful new homes.  Thank you to the those who opened their hearts and said yes.

Two small dogs in the office made their breakthroughs today.  The first one was Steve, the bad-tempered white peke who had been keeping everyone at bay since his arrival a couple of weeks ago.  Today when I had my usual conversation with him, instead of a blank stare in response I could see a different look.  He was licking his lips (a good sign, and one that I look for when I’m meeting new dogs at AFCD),  and there was something about him that told me he was happy to see me.  Then unexpectedly he came running towards me, tail wagging, and he pushed his squashed face into my hand, enjoying the back scratch that I was giving him.  It was one of those ‘Eureka!’ moments that I love.

Midge also decided that she had had enough of hiding.  She is the small dog or puppy whose age the vet and I couldn’t agree on.  I thought she was a young adult (eight months-ish), he said she was a puppy.  In any case she was a very nervous canine, and since arriving she has been curled up on the bottom shelf of the towel rack, only coming out when absolutely necessary and only when nobody was looking.  Today I was very surprised and happy to see her out with the other small dogs, wagging her tail and  inviting them to play.  Unfortunately her chosen playmate was a little Maltese who’s badly in need of a haircut, so she resembles a cloud of white fluff at the moment.  Midge was attracted to this moving “toy”, but the Maltese was unimpressed.

Still, having made that breakthough Midge will not now revert to old behaviour, and every day we should see a huge improvement.  In fact I reckon it will only take a couple of days before she’s a completely changed dog-puppy.

Going back to Zachary and Molly, they will be going to separate homes but there are other dogs in both so they can make new friends.  Zach is going to live with Terry, usually a saviour of old dogs but he knows Zach from the early days.  Now Zach will have a big garden to safely run in and play, just like he used to do when he was at kennels.  Molly will be going to live with two other HKDR-adopted dogs, and a cat, and it’s a great home.  I’m sure it will take time, but equally sure that Molly can be made whole again, just like Midge and Steve.

I finally took Scooter back to Lamma as the office had filled up with newcomers.  Apart from peeing a whole bladder’s worth on the sampan, he was quite relaxed about the trip and seems to be doing well.

New dogs include the collie and spitz combo, the two pekes mentioned yesterday and the Maltese.  Add those to long-term office resident Luca, basenji Zidane, Jack Russell Yippee, dachshund Sausage, pom Kiki and pekes Steve and Blinky, and you can understand why we’re crying out for fosters at least.


One Response to “Fri 12th March: Lots of good news”

  1. Alison Says:

    what amazing news, wow I’m impressed by this overnight success!

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