Thurs 11th March: Zachary needs help!

I was going to write about the three small dogs that were surrendered to us yesterday, a maltese and the two Pekingese I mentioned in my blog (there’s nothing wrong with the younger one, no big lump on it’s belly or anything else).  But then I got this email, and I was left speechless.  Zachary is a blind dog that was adopted from us a couple of years ago with promises of a home for ever.  We were all so happy for our wonderful Zach, as he came to us as a puppy and we loved him.

Zachary when he was with us

Then about a year later I got an email from the adopters saying they were going to return him, but I told them it was impossible as things had changed a lot since Zachary left us, and there was no way that he, a blind dog, could cope with the number of dogs at kennels.  I was subsequently very relieved to hear that everything had been sorted out and they could keep Zachary, and the puppy-now-adult they had also adopted.

Then I got this email.  I’m beyond words and don’t know what to do.  As I said just the other day, it’s pure chance for the dogs and not their choice as to where they go or who they are made to live with.  To think that we trusted these people with Zachary’s life and future makes me want to cry.  He was – is – such a beautiful, brave and wonderful dog.  And look how he is living, as well as the fantastic puppy who left us as a bouncing, happy and loving girl.

Please help them.  We can’t bring them back to kennels, but we can’t leave them in this hell.  Please.

“Please bare (sic) with me as this may be a lengthy email.  I know these are the emails that you dont like to read.  My name is Joshua, i’m 21 and I am living on my own.   I am out of the house from 6:00am til around 7:30pm monday-friday and I also work on saturdays and sundays 7hours each day, so basically i work 7days a week.  I have two jobs and I also have a fulltime study load at univeristy which takes up my time from 8pm til 1am.  The reason i’m telling you all this is that I have two dogs.  One of them is Zachary the blind dog that some of you may know as I adopted him a year and a half ago.  The other is Molly (renamed from Venus) which my sister fostered.  However, there was a sudden change of circumstances at the beginning of last year that forced me out of home.    My family has sinced left Hong Kong and were unable to take the two dogs with them and couldnt find a home for them.  I had to move to a new place that allowed dogs since my room that i was renting, dogs werent allowed. However, this new apartment i can barely afford.
Seeing as i’m out for the whole day then study when i come home, i am unable to provide attention to the dogs.  By the time i’m finished I honestly have no energy and motivation to walk the dogs of an evening.  Because Molly is extrememly timid and freaks out big time when shes around many people its extremely difficult to walk them both.  I’ve had to compensate by walking them at 4:30 in the morning.  This gives me time to get ready, feed them then leave for work.  Molly has never once gone to the toilet on a walk.  I have no outdoor area except for th streets and even then she won’t go.  I have to lay down newspaper and plastic in my kitchen during the evening for her to do her business as this is the only place where i can clean it up properly and won’t seep into the wooden floors.  I can’t train her as I just don’t have the time.  Its not fair on the dogs that they’re locked up in a small apartment and go on only one walk a day that sometimes lasts for just 15mins.
Towards the end of this year, i have to go overseas for surgery and i just can’t afford to put them in a boarding kennel for over a month.
Please believe in that i’ve tried my hardest to advertise and ask around for a home for these dogs as I don’t want them to go back to a shelter, onyl to someones actual home and this is why i’ve kept them for so long.  People have suggested that i put them down however, i know this is not the right thing to do as they’re great dogs.  I’m asking for help to look for a home for these dogs, preferably if they can go together as they have such a special relationship.  I don’t know what to do at the moment and this is the last straw.  I need to find them a home as soon as possible as i’m struggling with supporting myself let alone trying to support two dogs.  Im not trying to provide you with a sop story, im’ just being honest. 
I appreciate your time in reading this email and I really do hope that you can help me.
Kind regards,


7 Responses to “Thurs 11th March: Zachary needs help!”

  1. Alison Says:

    Are HKDR going to take back Molly at least? The fostered dog?

  2. tina Says:

    Poor Zach!! Him and Janie were amongst my favourites!! He has a heart of gold! I hope he finds a home soon..

  3. tina Says:

    I think it’s quite hard to be 100% certain about anyone’s future circumstances, let alone a dog’s.. we can only try our best to deal with whatever life throws our way.

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, this is very true. That’s why we ask young adopters in particular to try to think about the future and not just the present. Circumstances change, and if you adopt a dog you need to take that into consideration.

  4. betty Says:

    I truly evaluate my situation before adopted a 10 years old dog from hkdr two years ago. Thinking of all factors including finance, travel, time, living environment and house regulations. Hoping all dog-lovers especially those who live alone ( like me before )and family need relocation in the future will guarantee their adoption is permanent.

  5. Helen Y Says:

    Joshua, if you are reading this. First I have to commend on your courage asking for help, I can see that you really care for the dogs and truly wants them to have a better life. Looks like you are facing some of life’s challenges at this young age, just hang in there, have faith and hope, do you give up and you will overcome, there is always a better tomorrow. Take care.

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