Weds 10th March: Rooting for Mr B

Pretty puppy

I couldn’t go to kennels too early today because I was taking a puppy with me on his way to a foster home, and having to carry a puppy around in my arms makes everything else a bit difficult.  Of course I could have put him in a crate or bag, but I find that carrying a puppy is much less stressful for them and they are far less likely to get seasick or carsick.  This little guy is one of my really cute litter, and I’m hoping that he will find a new home very quickly.  He has an  identical sister and others who are the same fluffy shape and size, just different colours.  There are a pair of grey-and-white sisters, very unusual and so pretty, and a black-and-tan version.  I’m trying hard to get photos but as soon as the camera appears there’s a stampede towards it and all I can get is a mass of multi-coloured fur.  Just believe me, these are very, very cute puppies!

A crush of puppies

Being late I wasn’t there when the new arrivals from Shueng Shui AFCD turned up.  Sunny was supposed to be a King Charles spaniel, but he’s clearly an American cocker,  very sweet and playful all the same.   The pom girl, Kiki, is a sweetheart too.  These dogs are just pouring in to all of the four AFCD centres, and we take what we can.

I have further details on the designer sale that a group of supporters have organised on our behalf, and I also have an ad which we’ll post on the Facebook Fan Page so it can easily be shared.  The dates are as before, 19th/20th and 26th/27th March, from 11am to 7pm at Shop 118, 1/F Arcade, Melbourne Plaza.  I’m told these are the latest designs and all of the top names.  All proceeds will go towards building our new HKDR Homing Centre, the new name which will go with the new facilities. 

It was suggested that Homing Centre sounded much better than kennels, and I agree.  Not only that but it sends the message that we’re not just a shelter where dogs live out their lives, but we’re specifically and actively trying to find all of the dogs homes.  There are many shelters out in the New Territories where dogs are taken in and cared for, but living in often squalid conditions and in small spaces with no chance of ever getting out isn’t my idea of “saving” dogs. 

Sometimes it seems that certain dogs will never get a chance of being adopted, but then something wonderful happens and  they are chosen over the other, more obvious contenders.  I don’t want to blow it by saying too much, but a certain black fluffy boy is missing from the kennels at the moment.  He’s technically being fostered, but he’s doing so well that it may, just may, turn into a real home.  The best thing of all is that he’s apparently great with the resident cat, even letting it push him away from the food bowl.  We’re rooting for you, Mr B.


6 Responses to “Weds 10th March: Rooting for Mr B”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    When people surrender their dogs to AFCD, I wonder if they really know what they are doing, are there misconception out there that someone WILL and actually CAN come into AFCD to adopt their dogs, do they realize that any dogs being surrendered to AFCD means death (after 4 days) and have no chance of survival or being adopted. I understand from some village folks that they used to do this as the only way to get rid of their old/sick village dogs (not to vets), perhaps this wrong message is somehow sent thru to the general public.

    • Sally Says:

      Many people surrender their dogs to AFCD when they are sick or old. I too wonder if they fully understand what they are condemning their pet to. It doesn’t cost much to have a dog euthanised at a vet clinic.

  2. petnutritionist Says:

    Sally, thank you for saving all these lovely doggies!
    I agree that “Homing Center” sounds much more positive & appropriate for HKDR.

  3. Ho Says:

    Can I meet them? I am looking for a puppy.

  4. BoBo Mum Says:

    Thanks Sally for all the great work you have done!
    Any chance to post more pictures for this litter? Interested to see the girls!

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