Tues 9th March: Their fate in our hands

Once again I was out and about in the countryside for most of the day, thankful for my thick, down bodywarmer and woolly hat. I think I might be particularly sensitive to the cold, but  even the short-haired dogs are shivering so I reckon it’s officially freezing.  I do put coats on the dogs that need them, but seeing huskies with coats on is a real shame.  This is the only time of the year that those cold-weather dogs can really enjoy themselves and they should be allowed to do so without being dressed up.

It turned out that the bichon frise that I got from AFCD on Monday was the same dog that was supposed to be coming directly to us from the owner.  Apparently he (the owner) couldn’t be bothered to wait, so took the dog to AFCD instead and didn’t even think to let us know.

Another woman called today about surrendering her two Pekingese.  One of them, a two-year old, had a “big lump” on its belly and couldn’t eat.  I was pretty sure that I knew what the problem was and said she should go straight to a vet as the dog needed urgent surgery.  She said she couldn’t afford to take the dog to a vet as she had lost her job and had no money.  Wanting to help, and to save the dog’s life, I then told her that if she took the dog to the nearest SPCA and it wasn’t too late to save it, then we would pay for the surgery and take the dog afterwards.  But no, it was too far to the SPCA so she was going to call AFCD to take the dogs instead.  I hate to think of that poor peke suffering but there’s nothing we can do if a dog’s owner refuses to even go as far as taking the animal to the vet.

Life is a lottery game for everyone, but for dogs it’s even more so.  Sitting there in a pet shop, it’s pure luck or chance whether you will be chosen by an ignorant nitwit who’ll stick you in  a cage and never walk you, and then throw you on the street or pass you on to someone else,  or you’ll get lucky and be taken home by someone who will treat you well and take care of you for life.

I feel this about the puppies that I look after during the early weeks of their lives.  I want them all to have the very best homes, to be loved, fed, exercised and never abandoned.  I love seeing the dogs that come back to say hello on Sundays at Whisker’sn’Paws and to know that that particular puppy was one of the lucky ones, but it’s heartbreaking to hear about the ones who didn’t find one of those homes.

We’re currently trying to find a home for a dog called Charlie, now around 15 months old, adopted from HKDR as a puppy and then thrown out.  She’s timid and nervous now, but I remember her as a puppy and she was  perfectly happy and normal at that time.  What has happened to her? Riley

Riley had a big abcess in his mouth

the collie was adopted from us and is looking for a home again after having been sent to another rescue organisation.  He was in a terrible condition when he was sent back to us.  Taco, a peke mix, has just found a new home but he was left outside during a typhoon and was lucky to be picked up by someone who took the trouble to check his microchip and trace him back to HKDR. There are others, too many of them, and for every one that either comes back or we even hear has been sent to AFCD, it’s such a disappointment. 

Taco was found after running away from his home, but the owner didn't want him back

More than that, I think we all feel that we have let the dog or puppy down by sending it to a home that obviously didn’t care.  I know I do.  The dogs have no choice in the matter, they are totally powerless to say yes or no.  Although it makes me angry, at least the dogs that are returned within 24 hours are spared having to live with people who obviously don’t know any better, and don’t care either.


11 Responses to “Tues 9th March: Their fate in our hands”

  1. jennifer Says:

    this was absolutely heartbreaking to hear! after reading this post, it made me want to review all the old success stories of the lucky ones who did find loving homes forever…

    • Mark Says:

      Jennifer, I always go to the success stories when I need to be cheered up after stuff like this. The “We’ve Found Home!” album on Facebook is also very helpful when it feels like it’s all too much. Seeing the dogs with their new families going off to their new lives never fails to make me smile. And, always remember, lots more of them stay in their new homes than come back and for those that do come back, we get to work twice as hard to find them a better forever home!

  2. Mo Says:

    I now have three of HKDR dogs and I will admit it has not been a bed of roses but I could never do what you have told us about above.

    I do remember one evening when my Cookie had been really destructive and I had come back to the whole of the apartment covered in the remains of books (my other love) really considering saying I could not cope – and then sitting in the middle of the floor crying into his fur because I had even thought it – it still upsets me to think of that night especially as he is such a different dog now.

    I am going to post a picture on the website of my 3 last night in their cages – no don’t shout at me – they are a means of transportation for car safety and to help with car sickness.

    We were having a delivery of kitchen units last night and work done over the next few days so I wanted them to be safe while all the doors were open and strange men up and down the stairs so we set them up in the lounge.

    After some mutterings and barking from the 3 of them I turned round to see they were curled up happily and were having a snooze!

  3. Helen Y Says:

    I did sent one for Dachshund Hans and been checking to see when it will be up – I know Hans is happy with us – I need to read it to tell myself that I am doing the best thing for him – even when he is being naughty sometimes.

  4. Pato Says:

    Sally, is Taco now in Pokfulam HKDR kennel? Since I wish to visit him again during my Sat shift. Taco is my old friend, ha ha ha

    • Sally Says:

      No, he’s been adopted so is no longer with us.

      • Pato Says:

        Sorry Sally I still don’t understand, from your blog under TACO photo you wrote “Taco was found after running away from his home, but the owner didn’t want him back” so would you please tell me more about TACO nowaday status? As long as TACO is now warm, safe and happy then I will feel pleased. Many many thanks.

      • Sally Says:

        Taco has been re-adopted and is now in a new home.

  5. Foster Wong Says:

    Sally, is Riley in the kennel now?

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