Sun 7th March: A strange sort of day

The weather gods weren’t cooperating today, and whereas Saturday had been warm and perfect for puppy adoptions, the cold and wet afternoon kept adopters away from Whiskers’n’Paws, but strangely – and happily – not the kennels.

Both Pommy and the little boy are looking a bit unsure about the whole adoption thing, but I'm sure it will work out

Two of the office residents were adopted, always a relief when the “hotel” is overbooked.  Lovely poodle cross Curly, and sweet spitz Pommy left for their new homes, and as both are great little dogs I’m sure they will make their new families very happy.

Clicker and Martin leave together

There was double happiness for Clicker and Martin, two large kennel mates who have gone to a foster home together.  Clicker lost her original companion, Ribby, when he tragically died of bloat, and we moved brothers Remy and Martin into her kennel to stop her missing her friend.  It’s always an unknown when we put adult dogs together for the first time, but Remy, Martin and Clicker got on well from the word go.  Now it’s Remy’s turn to be left on his own and we will have to do some match making again.  I think he’d like a couple of good looking girls to keep him company.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that the small-sized labrador girl, Honey, had been adopted.  I was only surprised that she was with us longer than a day or so. I didn’t call her Honey for nothing.  Evan the fox terrier was another one who stayed with us far longer than I had expected, so it was great to know that he’d finally been chosen.

Himalaya was such a sweet boy

I met the adopter of Himalaya at Whiskers’n’Paws.  She told me that he had grown a lot, which isn’t surprising really as he was still a puppy when I got him from AFCD (along with two Westie puppies from the same home).  Anyway, all of the initial problems that Himalaya had been having with the resident and large, dominant female in the home have apparently been resolved and the three dogs in the family are all now best friends.  Just as well as there is a human baby on the way too.

We have a special sort of fundraising event coming up very soon.  A group of “Ladies who Lunch” have got together and collected a huge stockpile of the latest designer clothes and accessories which will be sold over two consecutive Friday/Saturday sales, 19th/20th March and 26th/27th March. They have even managed to get a shop in Melbourne Plaza, Central, as a venue (I’ll have the shop number by Tuesday).  Don’t ask me how they pulled that one off, but all I know is that this will be an event not to be missed by anyone who likes clothes and fashion – and a bargain!  All proceeds will be donated to HKDR to help fund our new kennels.  Thank you Ladies.


7 Responses to “Sun 7th March: A strange sort of day”

  1. Alicia Too Says:

    Hi Sally

    Do you need extra towel for Lamma and kennel? I can deliver some to the kennel this weekend.


  2. Helen Y Says:

    Sally, I have stuff that I can give, e.g. dog beds, bowls, leashes, collars, toys, towels, crates, pans, bath tubs, etc. do you want me to bring them to Pokfulam or do you rather have them deliver to Tung Chung new site?

  3. Helen Y Says:

    Sorry Sally, I mean to Pokfulam now or Tung Chung later to ease on moving more stuff?

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